Herald's Holiday Special: Day 7


Herald's Holiday Special: Day 7


They say 7 is a lucky number. Lets see what the good boys and girls got in their presents today :P


Item 1: Blastech A280 Blaster rifle

The iconic rifle used by the Rebellion during their revolt against the empire. It is also popular with smugglers and their ilk. Available to all JM4 and above.

Item 2: BD-1 Cutter vibro-ax

A popular melee weapon in the Outer Rim, this ax was used most famously by Gammorean guards in Jabba the Hutt's palace. Available to all EQ2 and above.


Item 3: "Meliora" robes

Made by: Emily Hune

Elegant robes for a more civilized age, or so they say. The Meliora robe set is available in 42 different combinations and available to all JM 1 and above.

Item 4: "Eunoia" robes

Made by: Emily Hune

The Eunoia robe set looks and feels a bit eastern, doesn't it? :P I like these a lot, and I hope you do too. There are 42 variants of this robe set and it is available to all JM1 and up.


Day 7 is done. only one more day left. Tomorrow is double day by anyone's standards. Stay tuned and expect a lengthy report on Christmas day.

I love those robes so much. u

Firebending robes!!!!!


My robes are finally here.

thanks miss <3

Absolutely love all the designs that have been a part of the special this year. Love the Eunoia robes so much I've taken them as my own. the cape look is so regal

Thanks to Atty for the shawl on the Eunoia robes. They were her design from the last Herald competition! <3

And you're welcome, Mirus/Rhace/Nerd <3

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