Herald's Office: February Praetor Report


Herald's Office: February Praetor Report

Womprat Day

Womprat Day

The above isn't the best depiction of a womprat ever, but pretty cool what can be done on a Surface Pro. Way too expensive for a doodle machine (I returned it), but hey, after Womprat Day it looks like we're in for another 6 3 more weeks of winter and hibernation! I'm sure everyone in snow-ville is just as pis thrilled as I am about that...

I know, a third report from Socks in a month - pigs must be flying, hell frozen over.. oh wait, it did if you're in Detroit (or Hell, Michigan).

Herald Staff:

(Or what we do.. yes I'm talking to you Malik)

Everyone on the Herald Staff does a little bit of everything but we all have our own projects.

  • Archangel, Verse, Mirus: Warbanners
  • V'yr: Sabers, character avatars, linearting and coloring, tutorials, and report banners
  • Orv: Full-scale website GFX, co-maintaining Deviantart Group, comics, Avatar approvals, policy creation, secret squirrel stuff, and random things here and there including banners and sabers
  • Socks: Wrangling the minions, co-maintaining Deviantart Group, Avatar approvals, policy creation, secret squirrel stuff, banners, sabers, random graphics, backfilling Orv's tasks, admin our task and activity sheets, and GFX forum.

Some other projects: About Page design, GFX for Guides, lots of logos, Crusade ribbons, Grading Policy, Join "Path" design and comic, Test of Lore comic, social media images, website images and design (CSS), unit graphics, and much more.

Sometimes we're busier than the previous month - it just comes and goes depending on DB events, promos, availability of staff, etc. Verse and Mirus have stepped up to help us out with our warbanner queue and they're kicking butt already. Those of you that have been waiting a while should see them done pretty soon.

Pretty Pixels for Hire

We're in search of Brotherhood graphics talent for various projects that pop up, and want to create a good list of members and their strengths/niche. If you're one of these fine folks, please send me an email with some examples. Unit leaders, if you know of these folks please send me a list as well, thank you.

Ask Le Herald

(answered by Socks)

(Vyr): Will the Herald(or his assistants) ever advertise artists who are doing commisions? DB members, or no.

I don't think this is something we will outright advertise on the main site, but we do showcase paid and non-paid commissions on the DB Deviantart page and probably on the GFX forum.

(`Verse): AsktheHerald: What most excites you among the upcoming Herald projects that are planned?

There are a couple really cool but secret projects going on right now that are utilizing the graphic and writing talent of the club. Some of the known HRLD specific projects are the new DB intro pages like the comic and also the Join page.

(Tarax|Busy): what's the current turnaround time for warbanner requests put through the form?

Sometimes a day, sometimes a couple weeks.

(Legorii): If the sun rises in the east, and sets in the west, then why is Tarax the way he is?

Tarax choo choo chooses to be that way?


I am repeating this section due to the amount of ineligible avatars we get sent. Most of you know that avatars can now be requested if you have permission to use the art you are uploading. There have been a few questions about what can be uploaded. Please read through the policy on the wiki.

Important to note: Avatars do not fall under Fair-Use with regards to US Copyright law. So: you need to own or be given permission to use the art before it is accepted. If you aren't sure about something, please don't hesitate to ask Bax and myself for info.

Sabers, Warbanners, & Stuff



V'yr Vorsa & Orv-ish

Orv & Robin Hawk

V'yr Vorsa


Custom by Orv

Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor

  • Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor

Custom by Socks

Aidan Kincaid

  • Aidan Kincaid

Shaz'air Taldrya

  • Shaz'air Taldrya


V'yr Vorsa

Orv & Arch





  • Vaar Mai - Report header/footer/splitter for Shirai Dupar
  • Orv Dessrx - DJB Comic #5
  • V'yr Vorsa - Inked the lines for Sith and Jedi join form characters
  • Orv Dessrx - Sith/Jedi Join Image
  • Orv Dessrx - Twitter Background image
  • Orv Dessrx - Create Facebook cover image
  • Orv Dessrx - Create logo for the Odan-Urr Military force
  • Orv Dessrx - Wiki CSS tweaks
  • Orv Dessrx - DJB Comic #6
  • Orv Dessrx - Test of Lore tweaks
  • Orv Dessrx - New Join Form
  • Orv Dessrx - Bring back Wiki navbar
  • Orv Dessrx - DJB Comic #7
  • Mav - Dark & Lightside Logo Vectorization
  • V'yr Vorsa - Teaser graphics for HOU BT event
  • V'yr Vorsa - Header graphics for HOU BT event x2
  • Socks - Made green panda! (below)

Quote of the Month

(Howlader): Panda is not green.

(@Halc|Away): You will be green and you will like it

New Robes for Howie - (Colored over Orv's, the panda was not pleased)

New Robes for Howie (<--Click Me!)


The DB's Deviantart group is active and new artwork continues to come in regularly. Below is highlighted a couple submissions from our own members. If you'd like to show off your own DB works, make sure you submit it to the DA Group!

V'yr (sketch1108)


Mando Chick

Verse (versetheris)

Phylas Blossom


Outside Commissions

Maker bless Etsy - all the trademarked merchanise you wish had actually been made.

Last Words

Please remember to CC both Baxir and I for questions and requests, he also has a new email address for Bax.

Also, don't forget, if you have something graphic done feel free to post it on DA and the forum, or just email us a link so we can showcase it!

Massive thanks to Mirus for formatting a heavy chunk of those million links for me. <3


  • Womprat Day - new SW holiday
  • The Herald Staff does a lot of stuff
  • Graphics people wanted
  • Bunch of work done in the last month in a half
  • Ask the Herald and you might get an answer
  • DeviantArt goodies, seriously these guys are awesome
  • Tons of neat SW links to look over during hibernation

Amazing report! Also, first!

Good report, Socks.

Nice report, Socks!

Go Team Herald! :D

Pandas are green. Also, nice report.

That was a great report. Nice to know all the great people who help out with the graphics and designs here.

Red and Black Mando Armor ftw.

Good report. Can't wait to ses my avatar.

Good report. Can't wait to ses my avatar.

Great Report, Socks :)

Woo sexy banner.

Nice report

Will March include the newest and best graphics, such as this: http://forums.darkjedibrotherhood.com/viewtopic.php?f=234&t=7047 ?

Good Report!

Also, you linked Arcia twice instead of linking Teylas. Just fyi.

Nice report, Socks. I like your womprat :D

Thanks guys <3 TR, updated the links - thanks!

Ernor.. we'll uh, think about it. :P

Awesome report :D Green pandas and pretty things! Go HRLD-peeps. <3

Love this a lot :D Green pandas- love it :D Purple giraffes next :P

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