High Councillor Report(ish) #10


High Councillor Report(ish) #10


Greetings to all Odanites, our allies, and our enemies.

As most of you have heard, this will be my final report as Odan-Urr’s consul. Odan-Urr has been my home since August 2015 and I’ve had the honor and (usually) pleasure of serving on its summit the past three years. Although my move back to the ACC staff was not something I had really planned on, I’ve known that I would be ending my term this winter for some time now. There comes a point where a change of perspective is necessary, when the benefits of new energy and a renewed vision outweigh the benefits of continuity. If I haven’t reached that point yet, I at least see it looming, and I want to leave the role to the next person on a high note.

A great deal of credit for whatever success I’ve had in my summit career goes to my fellow summit members, particularly Ed, Mako, and Turel, who’ve served as my mentors at various points, and Blade, who has done a remarkable job making me look competent for the past year. Thanks also to Len, Ji, Kris, Jack, Protein, Mauro, Cable, Celevon, Seraphol, Mord, Moro, Landon, Nathan, Ranarr, Xantros, Seridan, Xolarin, Esca, Sammy, Talis, Tisto, Keiji, Protein, Liam, Vyr, Aaleeshah, Gresee, Korroth, and anyone else who’s slipped my mind at the moment—there’s been a lot of you. These people, our summit members and title holders, have built a leadership culture that puts members first, and as long as that persists the clan will continue to thrive. And, of course, I’d like to thank Pravus and Mav for giving me this opportunity in the first place.

Applications for COU CON are due to the GM and DGM no later than tomorrow. I suspect the next High Councillor will be chosen and in place early next week. Mav and I have decided that I will remain in Odan-Urr for the time being, to help ensure a smooth transition and provide our next leader with whatever advice and support I can. Among other things, this includes helping the next CON finish off the fictional follow-up to the RoS and address Alethia’s loss of power.

I look forward to seeing how the future shakes out.

So long and thanks for all the fish,

Alethia Archenksova
High Councillor, Odan-Urr

Best of luck to my favorite birblord! May you reign over your minions and horde all the birb seed.

Well then, good luck in your new position and thank you for your long service. It was certainly fun.

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