HKM Quaestor Report - March 2016


HKM Quaestor Report - March 2016

HKM Quaestor Report


New Tython, battered. The forces of Plagueis have joined the Grand Master's efforts to eradicate the undesirables of the Brotherhood. Mostly, it sounds like Christmas in March.

Phase I of Between Light and Dark has closed, and we all are waiting for the next round to begin. While you wait, you should get cracking on the feud-long events, and read some juicy juicy news.


I love the smell of glassed planets.


The Jedi will pay for their... existence?

Plagueis and Odan-Urr's feud has launched, and is rouding the corner from Round I to Round II. As has been mentioned several times in Telegram and email by other members of the Summit, participation is a major part of the scoring, and that means that we need YOUR boots on the ground, doing the kind of writing, puzzle-solving, drawing, and imagineering that wins competitions.

Don't have a fancy gaming system? I bet you have access to Pazaak. Not sure if you have access to Pazaak? Yes, you have access to Pazaak. It's not even that hard. Just remember that the secret to playing well is knowing basic addition and subtraction, and luck!


More change-up in the House came this last month as Kalon Entar shifted into the role of Quaestor of Ajunta Pall. It's okay! That means that we're all now subject to #DracLaw from Dracaryis's new seat in the Rollmaster's chair, and we picked up the incredibly talented Laren Uscot to round out the House Summit.

Get out into the Feud! Get into the Voice's competitions! Eagerly await the resumption of the Plagueis RO!

Battle Team

The Apostles are strong. I'm excited to see the results from this round of the Feud, especially given the engagement of the Apostles in the prologue event.



This project will follow the Feud, still. As a reminder, this project is intended to open up some light fiction/poetry events to the Clan and House, since that had been expressed as a primary interest area for a slew of members.

Dusty Attic

Wiki edits for Karness Muur are being contemplated by the Summit, to get us in line with the new history of the Brotherhood. Timeline is still post-Feud.

Voices of Muur

After the Feud, rejoin the adventures of the Tides of Darkness RO with the rest of your Plagueian brethren. We'll have lighties to kill, undesireables to purge, and darkness to... ehm... tide us over between events.

I'm sorry. That was awful.

Sphinx's Riddle

Secrets, secrets are such fun. Secrets, secrets. Stuff.



Theron Gar: Apprentice

Marr Shalin: Proselyte

Laren Uscot: Courier

Nash Himura: Acolyte

Abadeer Taasii: Neophyte,Acolyte

And special recognition for Kryy Vitaan, who achieved the rank of Knight!

There's been quite a bit of activity for several members for the different societies around the Brotherhood. Inquistorius, Royal Guard, and Shadow Academy would all love to have you climb through the levels. Find the one that you love most (or offers the dossier perks you want), and chase a new level -- or several, if you're daring!

Final Thoughts

With the saga of the Summit over the past several weeks being a mixture of vacations, unplanned trips, and sickness, I want to take half a second to say one thing in closing.

Take care of yourself. It's finally starting to warm up in my neck of the woods, and the sunlight and fresh air are well worth the last little bit of winter's chill. Walk around. Explore your town, if you haven't yet, and go back to your favorite spots, if you feel like you know all the nooks and crannies of your space. Reach out to the people you like to talk to, the ones who make you feel more like you.

And, for the love of all things decent, don't pick up what Selika has. That is a kind of sick that we want eradicated.

See you on Telegram and on the battlefield! Eiko out.

Woo! Eiko guy did a thing!

Thank you for the report!

Drac Law is a thing! Great report.

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