House Dinaari Quaestor Report #1 - In Rotation Finally!


House Dinaari Quaestor Report #1 - In Rotation Finally!

House Dinaari

Quaestor Report

Sith Warrior Omega Kira


Finally in a real rotation with one of my reports! A ton of things have been going on here in House Dinaari. One major thing is we are down in membership. We've had 4 at least, AWOL's in the past month. Make sure that if you want to continue your membership in our club, clan, and house that you login to the site once every 2 months at least.

We have ramped up competitions in our house to spawn more interest in gaming. Our house is to become one of the premiere gaming houses within the club. Not that our entire focus will be there, should you wish to compete fictionally, we want that too. That being said; you should be seeing competitions titled Dinaari Presents. I hope to see more of our membership competing in those. I plan to have at least one Flash Gaming comp a week, as well as some D3 Comps; the first one just ended. It is important that we compete as House Dinaari members.

DJK Corax has a great competition for those of us who are JA'ers.... You can find it here. Aparently, he thinks he's better at JA than anyone, and wants you to beat up on him.

A big shout out to Sean Desmond (AKA Nero) for helping me find Kongregate; the place where most of our flash game competitions are coming from.

Clan News

There is a plan for our clan for the next few months; there will be more information coming out. I had access to it, and was going to share it with you now, but it seems that that is no longer the case. None the less it's very exciting with some fiction events coming up, and it will be my job to figure out some gaming events for the plan forward.

Club News

There's a new report from the Grand Master. It talks about the road map for the club over the summer, looking as if we will need to start prepping for another GJW by December. Coinsiding with the Episode VII release date! Along with Posessions roll out September through November. It also looks like the website will be going through changes.


There are a couple competitions worth mentioning.

These are our clan's comps, some of them are open to the general public. Look for a new flash game next week from Me and Armags.

Noteable Achievements

OT Armags

  • 196 Clusters of Earth Awarded!

Sean Desmond (Nero)

  • Crescent with Emerald Star

DJK Kooks

  • 50 CF's and Ruby Star Awarded!

Final Thoughts

Summer time is a hard time for us to get involved. With many commitments outside of the club in our normal lives. It's usually the time I have the most free time; with Boy Scout troops headed off to summer camp, and Cub Scouts down for the summer. I hope that you all take the time to get out there and compete in the Dinaari Presents series of games, and definately need help from everyone in running these competitions. It is apart of your DJK requirements; so if you are lacking that feel free to contact me and I can help you get that stuff setup!

-SW Omega Kira

Quaestor, House Dinaari

Needs more cowbell.


Congratulations on being the new Viceroy of Altur, Omega; you'll do a great job. If you ever need anything, I shall try to fulfill my role as Dinaari's Guardian Spirit and come to your aid. But I probably won't.

back to dead

Yay. One down. Only 963 reports to go

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