House Excidium Quaestor Report #4


House Excidium Quaestor Report #4



Hello everyone and welcome to another report for House Excidium. Hope everyone had a Happy New Year as well as a great 2015! We ended the year strong and I am sure going into the new year of 2016 should be great for the house and there will be plenty in store for everybody.

Holonet News

Landon Cruise has stepped down as our Rollmaster for the Clan, deciding to take on roles of membership. Cruise has done a great deal in recruiting more people to the Clan as well as new members that have joined our ranks here within our house. Please Thank him for all his hard work as he has done a great job of Rollmaster in his tenure. With that said, Xen has already asked for applications for Rollmaster. This is a great opportunity for someone who wishes to take up leadership roles within our clan. It takes time and will be hard work but if you think you have what it takes, then do not think twice about giving back and helping the future of the clan. Hope everyone saw the movie as it was awesome but if you didn't then get out there because it was more than worth it. I do not have a word to say it other than it was awesome but then again i could be bias.


With the new year upon us, there will be new events that will be rolled out for the house to move forward with the house. Expect a few nice and easy going events like fiction, poetry, gaming, and the like to set the stage for another story line. There will also most likely be clan wide events very soon so keep on the look out for those as well as summit reports, news, email and other stuff like that.

Awards and Promotions

We saw a lot of hard work done this month and I am proud to be a part of this awesome house so let’s get to the list! Archangel earned thirteen crescents and a Legion of the scholar. Archangel also was promoted to Warlord which is a great feat and rare across the Brotherhood so Congrats! Rosh Nyine earned one crescent. Jorm "The Jester" Na'trej earned three crescents and was promoted to the equite rank of Warrior! Shadow Nighthunter earned one crescent. Raja was promoted to Apprentice. Mav'Ryk was also promoted to Apprentice. Great job to all and keep up the Great Work!


That is all I have for now but look out for more news as we enter the new year in terms of both the clan and the house. We are a house of great members and strong as one so i know it will be another great year with all you guys and i am looking forward to it. See you at the next one until then keep having fun and enjoy. Keep up the great work everyone and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.

Arise Excidium With Merciless Hearts and Cold Steel!

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Nice report good ser!

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