House Excidium Quaestor Report #6


House Excidium Quaestor Report #6



Welcome everybody to another Quaestor report for House Excidium. we have seen a busy month for the house with our lovely sister house, Imperium, in the house feud.

Holonet News

The feud unfortunately ended with the members of imperium on top but not to worry as we will see plenty of other feuds to come against imperium where we can get those bragging rights back from those people. we had low participation marks which we have time to change come the feud with Naga Sadow. We are a house that does not let one event kick em in the dirt and we will get right back up and take it all from our enemies to reach the goal.


With the clan feud against Naga Sadow closing distance, we need to be ready to show our clan what we can give back to it as well as show Sadow what we are made of. I know we a re a great house and can wreak havoc with the membership that we have in it. expect to see some light and easy competitions to give us practice for it. There is also a Jedi Academy group started up by Blade if you want to hone skills in gaming. we will not see another historic campaign for the house til after the clan feud but there will definitely be one in the works and Rosh and I will have something good for you all to enjoy.

Awards and Promotions

We saw a lot of hard work done this month and I am proud to be a part of such a motivated house so let’s get to the list! Archangel earned four crescents. Malodin' Tater earned one crescent. Shadow Nighthunter earned eight crescents and a scroll of indoctrination. Jorm “The Jester” Natrej earned three crescent and a grand cross. Zehsaa Hysh earned nine crescents and was promoted to Knight. Alara Deathbane was awarded a dark cross. Alara Deathbane also earned nine crescents and was also promoted to Knight. Octavius Goglotha was promoted to Yeoman. congratulations to everyone and keep up the great work, this month was filled with many great and high esteemed awards!


We being a busy month to a close but do not feel defeated for we will have a day against Imperium again and will be alongside them when we have the clan feud where we will be stronger than ever! Any questions, concerns, or general conversing, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank You Arise Excidium With Merciless Hearts and Cold Steel!

Battlemaster Lucyeth

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