House Galeres Aedile Update #3


House Galeres Aedile Update #3


House News!

Well, Sins has wrapped up again and we’re all still, more or less, alive. Good job, everyone who participated! You’ll note that Galeres swept the top FOUR places, so well done!

Be on the look out for promotions and awards, coming soon to a House near you!


Clan News!

The Log is stepping down, kids, which means Nighthawk is gaining a member (woo!) and the Proconsul job is open! If you feel you fulfill the requirements and wish to contribute to the Clan’s well being, go stick in an application. And remember, with the ever approaching Great Jedi War, the next PCON is going to have some important work to do.


Brotherhood News!

The Deputy Grandmaster put out a report with a lot of statistics and numbers about activity, you might want to give that a look see. More importantly for our more competitive members, it gives a preview into the ACC events leading up to and running during the GJW! So read up!

Another job opening has appeared, in the form of Quaestor over in Taldryan. An interesting opportunity, Rhylance is a solid leader with a lot of ideas, and Alaris is a seasoned one as well. Anyone looking to spread their wings a bit could find much worse bosses to work for.


Competition Spotlight!

  • Blind Justice An Arconan only fiction event where your character is on trial for whatever crime you wish to write about, with the Shadow Lady, Atyiru, presiding as judge.
  • 12 Weeks Haiku A DB wide comp, each week presents a new challenge to be answered in haiku form. This one saw a LOT of submissions last year, so competition should be stiff. Go out and show them what Galeres can do!
  • Overwatch: Uprising An Overwatch centric comp related to the new Brawl mode.


Ask the Ryn!

From Juliane Kelrune: #asktheRyn So how was bumping uglies with the Hutt?
Wet. Slimy. Smelly. Damp. Moist. The giant hamster wheel was really the worst part, though.

From Donny: #AsktheRyn - With Uji sailing west. Who will become Kordath's new partner in crime for future RO purposes?
While Team Tails did just fine in the Rogue One RO, I did long for my Log’s companionship. I’m sure we’ll sort something out and cause mass chaos in the next one.

From Zujenia Kait: #asktheRyn Is Shay okay? D:
Auntie Qybbles kept wee lil’ Shay safe, no worries!

From Tali Zorah: #asktheRyn Vhat is your sentiment towards lekku andt vhat are your three main policy points as Aedile regarding fair andt equal treatment of all lekku, both Twi'leki and Togruta?
Lekku are an important and vital aspect of our Clan, I feel. Not only do the adornment, ornaments, and warmers generate revenue, it’s important to me that the Lekku themselves help balance out what I consider a terrible crime of nature. While Twi’lek and Togruta both have too many limbs, going past the holy number of Five, they do help make up for all the Humans/Near-Humans who aren’t even trying to have the proper number. Also they’re fun to toy with.

From Skar: #asktheryn so do you think kord will go out of his way to find and confront Skar for stabbing his wife
What do you think.

From Donny: #asktheRyn - For a soon member returning to House Galeres, what is the best way I could be of benefit to my House and fellow Members? What projects are there currently? what could the House or Battleteam have need of that a returning member or new member could assist with?
Be active, interact with your fellows, assume you’ve now been marked down as a volunteer for projects (mostly wiki updating). Be awesome.

From Donny: #asktheRyn Is it true that to join a Galeres Battleteam I have to do an ACC match where both competitors are covered in body oil and wrestle for "Best Mando of the day?"
It is an old, time honored tradition. For some reason nobody made Kord do it. Something about an oiled up Ryn didn’t seem like ‘fun’.

From Donny: #asktheRyn I can't match Zuj with the number of questions, but if you were to ask a question for your own report, what would that question be and what answer would you give?
‘Why does the Ryn keep getting captured for events, when all of his skills and talents make this insanely unlikely?’ ‘Because plot.’

From Skar: #asktheryn so how did the fitting for your...dress go with the hut
Surprisingly well, also quick. Just a waist and leg measurement, really. Though that tailor spent a lot of time on the inseam. Lets just say Kord hasn’t had such well fitted clothes in a long, long time.

From Atty: #asktheryn so when Zuji and Satsi finally get into that nose-breaking catfight, what's Kord going to be doing? :P
Mediation attempts, at least for the sake of the cameras.

From Xenna Azara: #asktheRyn did the hutt offer a dental plan?
She had him on a diet of near liquid gruel, so, sorta?

From Leeadra Halcyon: #asktheRyn Can we commandeer Celevon's pie? I kinda want some dessert....
You go left, I’ll go right, surely one of us can get our hands on it.


Well kids that’s it for me this month, bit late and I do apologize for that. Keep an eye out for more competitions, including a ‘special’ project of my own that’ll be coming up soon!

Keep being awesome, Galeres!

Would you say the top for should get that dirt off their shoulder from all that sweeping?

Yay Galeres, good job everyone!


If I find you captured one more fracking time, I will lock your tail to my desk during all work related functions. You will be given a signal whistle, a bottle of water (hydration is important), and a radio transceiver that can unlock the restraint only in an emergency and via radio voice command from yours truly!

Also woo Galeres!

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