House Karness Muur - August Report - A Labor of Sorts


House Karness Muur - August Report - A Labor of Sorts

A Labor of Sorts

We’re knee deep in what in America is considered the last weekend of summer culminating in Labor Day. While it’s rarely about labor (aside from the person manning the grill) I thought I’d talk about some of the hard work that’s going on, the stuff that needs doing, and stuff on the horizon. First, if you’re looking for something to do, like, now, there’s a bunch of fun comps going on right now, a fair number ending today/tomorrow. Also, there’s a fun little series of comps going on based on my favorite late night TV shows @midnight. There’s also a good chance, now that I’m done with my own laboring both in the DJB (that little ACC thing).and outside (running games at GenCon), there might even be some comps going up in the next week or so.

Another thing that I’m going to be getting going soon is a seminar on Run-on’s. With a GJW coming down the pike as well as other competitions, I thought it prudent to get you all some practice in a non competitive setting. Oh, and you might even have some fun in the process. So, and this goes for you Pallites too, if you’d like to get in on an RO master class, let me know. I hope to get this online in the next couple weeks.

As for stuff coming down the pike, the next DJB wide thing is going to be phase 3 of Fading Light. At last check, the date for that is “sometime this fall”. More information as it develops, but I’d be ready as soon as the end of September or early October. There also might be something else in the works which may or may not involve killing some lighty scum. But I can neither confirm nor deny that. Nope. Can’t say a word.

A Bit of Reflection

Next week I’ll have completed my second full year in the DJB. It’s been an interesting year full of both great challenges and great successes. I’ve learned a lot and had a lot of fun, and you all were an important part of that. Really, you were. I’m not going to name names because I know I’d miss someone and they’d comment on this post and I’d have to make an embarrassing statement and then Howie would say I stole his line or something. So I’ll just say it like this, thanks to everyone who made the past year so great and thanks in advance to all those who will make the next year at least as good.

Recognition Corner

Not too much going on this month in the way of medals and the like. I would like to recognize one of our latest additions, DJK Pug. Pug was an original member of Clan Plagueis, much like yours truly, and has recently rejoined us. If you haven’t met him yet he is all over IRC and has become really active in ToR as well as the Shadow Academy. We congratulated him earlier this month with a Dark Cross. So a round of applause for Pug.

Crescents and Such

Pug - CrT

Octavia - CrQ

Brimstone - CrS, CrA


Kz’set - 62 CoF

Callus - 117 CoF

Brimstone - PoB, 5 CoF

Pug - 4 CoF

Aedile’s Hijack

Well this is where I get to give my spiel. If you didn’t know I have temporarily taken over the duties of Battle Team leader for Apostles of Syn. We have run a competition and now at long last our Battle Team has a Motto! As far as news on the Battle Team front if anyone is interested in joining and helping to foster this young unit please let us know and we will find a place for you. those of you in the battle team have all been contacted by me personally and you know what you need to do so go for it!

Moment of Zen and Musical Interlude

To celebrate the start of the American college football season (with a 62-0 win for my alma mater) and the impending start of the NFL season, I thought I’d pick an appropriate musical interlude. Quite naturally, it’s a Sports Song! . God I love this Weird Al album!

The Moment of Zen will also be another football related thing, this time going back to an oldie but goodie. You might remember when Darth Vader Played Fantasty Football. I’d like to think he won his league that year, though I’d have my money on Ackbar.

Signing off,

~SBM Kz’set - Karness Muur’s Head Bug

~OE Callus Bo’Amar - KM’s Bug Squasher


P.S. E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles! Hail to Pitt!

Won't mention names or can't pronounce them?

Decent report bugs.

Arden, dude, CF, not CoF. :P

Other than that, nice report and hello!

Yeah Arden seriously. I expect more from someone in the club for 2 years :P

I especially liked the part that the Aedile did.

Howie, that's what happens when I delegate I suppose

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