House Liath and the Great Jedi War


House Liath and the Great Jedi War

District IV

Eden City, Yridia IX

35 ABY

"Whadya want?" asked the grey-and-brown-robed figure.

It had been a few days since Xolarin's little stunt in District IV, and things had not settled for him in the least. He had to cover up his use of the Force with some expensive pay-offs, and had to of course pay Sven for the damages to his pub. He had to lay a bit low as well, all the while still trying to procure credits and local favors - more valuable than credits - and win the hearts of some of the syndicates. It was not an easy time.

And just when he thought he had calmed things after putting an end to Torenzor and his handful of lackies, the tables turned again. Only this time they were not as outspoken as most of the gangs here. They had a firm grip when they grabbed him, but they were not threatening in a sense. His ability to see things in the Force allowed him to not fight back, for he could have probably taken them by his estimation. But they wanted him for something else than gang hate in the district.

"Shut up," one of them finally said as they rounded the corner into an alley near Sven's pub. "Now, can you just listen?"

Xolarin straightened up and adjusted his garments. Again, attuned with the Force he could see something beneficial here. He was not quite sure of what, but it was not bad. "Sure," he said a bit smugly.

"Your stunts, while a bit obvious," spoke the second one, a bit more eloquently, "did what you wanted." He paused and stared at Xolarin, with a bit of a kink in his neck and a change in the angle of his head. He was trying to articulate something to Xolarin.

But the Knight did not have to use any power, as he understood. "Will they see me?"

"She's waiting for you now," came the reply. And without much time to ponder that it was a female, one with whom he was unfamiliar in Liath, they all jumped into a nice repulsorlift "limo" for lack of a better word and zoomed off.

District I

A short bit later

While Xolarin had been to District I several times and had even visited the spaceport frequently, it was still a thrill of sorts to come out of Districts IV and V into the much fancier and cleaner "capital" area. The skiff stopped right at the top heights of one of the buildings, and the men got out with Xolarin. They said nothing but both nodded their heads up the stairs to some exterior doors.

The fallen knight approached the doors, which opened as he got close. He entered, seeing the flame-red hair and pointed ears of what had to be a Sephi. Even though he was looking at the back of her, she had a stance about her that sent a commanding presence. Xolarin kept his steps as quiet as possible and made no intention of interrupting in case she was occupied in some way. But he had a sense she was very aware of who joined her, and probably knew too much about him.

At roughly the same time

Castle Tarentum

Yridia III

35 ABY

The dark robed figure in the middle of the room stood without movement, almost unnaturally so. An imposing man in armor similar to Storm Trooper Armor stood on his left. A human with a cloak drawn over his face stood on the robed figures right. A Pau'un in impressive Sith armor knelt before the three other imposing and thus far silent figures. Someone else lurked in the background. He seemed human but had the bearing of an old man along with the appearance of a young man. His dark robes rippled menacingly.

"So this Collective, is powerful?" Etah asked, wondering what could possibly spook the living embodiment of death.

"Powerful enough to take the Iron Navy head on and win" answered the crisp voice of Proconsul Rax.

The former Imperial officer furrowed his brow.

"So it's war then" Thanadd said glibly, proffering an answer rather than asking a question.

"I'm not sure that's wise" said a human stepping forward in generic Brotherhood robes, but whose voice was unmistakable.

"What do you propose then Admiral Pel?" The human to the right of Master Bloodfyre asked.

"Rollmaster Kromtal, I only mean to suggest that if we're marching off toward our destruction that we find another solution," Pel offered.

District I

Eden City, Yridia IX

35 ABY

The man who looked like some version of a monk sat across from the posh redhead. She was dressed in the latest formal fashions but if you looked at her closely, they didn't seem to suit her.

"So this Collective is moving in on Eden?" Xolarin asked inquisitively.

"And they are dangerous. I can use my corporate and political influence to stymie Capital Enterprises and we can deal with the Liberation Front with law enforcement assets. But we have no answer to the Technocratic Guild. Are you in?" Adrestia asked, trying to get all of the information out.

"Deal" Xolarin stated simply

Great Jedi War

The Great Jedi War Is Upon Us!

It's time to take names and kick ass! Or kick ass and take names! Theoretically taking names is less important than kicking ass!

The grading this GJW seems fairly complex. My really loose understanding (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong) is that there are a number of broad categories which they are calling bins. I believe that in order to do your best in the competition by way of participation you have to participate in at least one competition under each bin, during the course of both phases.

Anyone in House Liath and likely, in all of Tarentum that participates in each competition bin will see themselves justly rewarded for their efforts. Of this I promise you. Do what you can. But if you can hit up each bin during the course of this competition it would mean a lot to me, it would mean a lot to Beef, it would mean a lot to Tarentum.

Have fun! Be awesome! This is your time to shine!

The Taldryans and the Arconas out there think very highly of themselves, but these competitions are skill against skill alone. Any one of you could distinguish yourselves and believe me, to the victor go the spoils.


I'm sure you know this by now, he's really hard to miss. But Xolarin is the new House Aedile for House Liath. He jumped into the position and got right to businesses. Props to him for that. I look forward to seeing what our joint leadership can accomplish.


This is an out of character note I want to apologize for being quiet these last few weeks. Last weekend I got married! The lead up to the wedding was very stressful and I didn't have time to get on the ball. Luckily our hardworking Aedile made sure we didn't fall behind because of it. Give a round of applause for Xolarin's hard work so far!


So I originally stated that Adrestia was the Quaestor of Liath. Having purchased both NPC slots I wanted to be able to use an alternate character to its fullest potential, it being a new concept to the DB. Additionally it made sense to run an alt who was gray to be in charge of Liath instead of one of the scariest darksiders there is.

But there is some kind of issue with alts holding positions. In order for Adrestia to be QUA they want me to change my name and main character sheet and that isn't something I find necessary. Accordingly I am retconning the idea in part. Adrestia is not the Quaestor, Etah is the Quaestor. But Adrestia is the hand of the Quaestor who everyone will be dealing with, including Xolarin.

My new reasoning is that Maw, Quaestor of Mortis, saw an opportunity to rid himself of a rival and saddle the gray house, a venture he would dearly love to see fail, with a psychopath. So he used his influence to convince Bloodfyre and Rax that a Deathsworn should be involved in the summit. So accordingly, Etah became AED and then was promoted to QUA.

Adrestia is still running for Governor of Eden. She's still who almost anyone is Liath would talk to, she wields the Quaestors power. If Etah shows up, something's probably gone wrong and it will probably only get worse. That last part will be less true in the Great Jedi War.

~ (#8075) Battlelord Etah Kilij (Sith) / QUA / House Liath of Clan Tarentum [SA: VIII] [INQ: VIII]

Tarentum Momentum!

~ (#14717) Knight Xolarin (Dark Jedi) / AED / House Liath of Clan Tarentum [SA: IX] [GMRG: I] [ACC: Q] [INQ: VIII]

Congrats once again on the nuptial. And I am ready to serve Liath!

Awesome report Etah!!! Congrats again on your wedding, I hope you and wife have many wonderful and happy years together!! WAR TIME lets kick some ass! Names are just trophies ;)

Wonderful fiction! Thanks for including Maw in this. TAR is ever connected!

Congrats again on your marriage! We are so, so happy for you. Thank your spouse on our behalf for sharing you with us!

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