House Mortis AED Report #2


House Mortis AED Report #2

Hey guys here is my Aedile report for House Mortis. I’m going to keep this short and brief as

Lots has happened since my last report but I wanted to touch on the big awards and promotions that have happened.

First off big congrats to Frosty on his recent promotion to Warlord. He certainly has earned it after all the work and time he has put into this clan. Ranar was promoted to Warrior big congrats to him. Congrats to Mhera Meraxes on being promoted to Neophyte Congrats to you guys on your promotions!

Next big congrats to Scion on his Steel cross for all his hard work in running this house. Also I received an Anteian Cross. Thanks guys I really appreciate it. Dox received a Steel Cross for all this hard work in gaming. Great job! Pel received a Steel Cross as well for helping run OOT. Way to go! Khaldrago received a Steel Cross for all his hard work in TOR. Congrats!

Next I want to touch on the house competition that is going on. As you know we have our house competition running located here

Also I would like to see everyone qualified for the ACC as Bloodfyre will be running an ACC competition for the upcoming clan comps next month.

That about wraps things up. Keep up the hard work guys!

Battlelord Zekk AED of House Mortis

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