House Tyranus Report #8: Don't July To Me!


House Tyranus Report #8: Don't July To Me!



Welcome to this month’s House Tyranus report! We’re coming fresh off the completion of a very fun and exciting Great Jedi War, and I know you’re looking forward to placements as much as we are. Stick around till the end of this report for a sneak peak at where we’re going next!


Tyranus Activity Spotlight

As you’ve seen from the latest version of the Consul report, Plagueis had twelve completionists, with seven of those from the ranks of Tyranus! We want to give everyone who even participated in the War a huge shoutout!

For those quick mathers, that’s 10 out of our 21 members who participated in the War effort. Don’t be discouraged though, because there’s plenty of opportunities below where you can have some fun!


New Members

We’ve had a few new members join since the war started, and we want to give them a very special welcome!

If you know a friend who you think would enjoy the camaraderie that we feel in Tyranus, make sure you sign them up. We’d love to meet them!


Comps, Comps, Comps!

To see the full list check out the competitions page.


Happenings From Around The Club

  • If you haven’t seen already, TuQ'uan Varick di Plagia has decided to resign his post as Proconsul. For those who don’t know, TuQ was instrumental with the founding of House Tyranus, and through his hard work and dedication, his vision came true. If you get a chance, please thank him for his passion and his 3 years of serving Plagueis in a leadership role. One of the best ways to thank someone is to follow in their shoes. If you are interested, please apply for Proconsul!

  • Ronovi’s latest Consul report celebrates the anniversary of their tenure as Dread Lord. Cheers to the future!

  • Justinios is looking for some help! His rotating Magistrate positions are officially open!

  • Prefer to play with spreadsheets? Atra is also hiring a Magistrate.



Keep an eye out for the upcoming ProBowl announcements, we’ve got an all-start crew heading up this one folks! Make sure you stop by Telegram and welcome our newest members to the fold!

Liandry and The Artist Formerly Known as Julius

Thanks for taking care of this one while I was having tech issues. You did good.

Nice report, Julius! Way to jump in like a pro.

even for a dead guy, Jules is still cranking it out

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