In slow motion, the blast is beautiful - A Grand Master report


In slow motion, the blast is beautiful - A Grand Master report

A report, wherein announcements are made, applications are opened and a well earned promotion is given.


There was a pretty big response to the opening of MAA applications last week. We received a Lot of great applications (and a few weird ones, to be honest) and there was a lot of information to go through. Raken and I read through them all, and had a few in-depth discussions about who would be best suited for the position at this time.

In the end, we went with one of the people familiar with the office currently, who had the time and energy to deal with the constant stream of work that such an office entails. Aabsdu has been working as a Magistrate for the past eight months, and his application showed where there were gaps in our current systems and procedures as well as some rather creative solutions to help fix those items.

Aabsdu is no stranger to the Dark Council, having served as Headmaster for a pretty lengthy stint back in the day. He was known then as a steady hand and a fair arbitrator, which is definitely an asset that will help him in his new role.

With him stepping up, a vaccuum is left in Plagueis, and one that needs filled as soon as possible. The position of Consul of one of our newest clans is an important one, and will require dedication, hard work and a lot of time. Applications for the position of Consul will need to come to Raken and I before 2359 EST on August 1st, which gives everyone a week to get a solid application put together.

Again, I'd like to thank Kalen for his work as Master at Arms, welcome Aabsdu to the Dark Council, thank all who applied for the position, and wish luck to everyone going out for Consul.


Today, Jam3z pushed out some coding that Kalen and himself had been working on for some time. The automatic AWOL checks. This is a bit of code that will automatically check how often a member logs into the site (or achieve an award or promotion), and after a specific amount of time without activity, will prompt them via email to log in or be marked AWOL and sent to the rogues. As per usual, any member int he rogues will have the ability to transfer back to their unit without penalty.

As most of the units have been asking for this (or similar ability to trim down the inactives from their rosters), it is a double edged sword that I have been cautioning them against for some time. There are specific limits in place regarding a minimum number of members required to stay solvent as a clan or house. In short, this will make it doubly important for the summits of the units to engage and retain the members that they have in order to keep their unit moving forward and help the brotherhood grow.

It's probably the most important work that we do here.

In addition to that bit of code, Jamez also pushed out auto-reccomending for master awards. In times past, a recruiter/master would have to wait until their recruit/student reached the appropriate rank, then request the medal for their mentorship manually. The new code will do that for them, submitting the medal to the system automagically. Naturally, abuses of the automated system will catch someone a quick visit to the Justicar's office, so don't think that they are not being monitored.


Liam, better known to some as Kal, had languished for years, banging his head against a variety of non-starting positions. Lacking the authority that was delegated out from higher positions, Kal would struggle against the confines of what others told him was possible and what was not. I remember quite clearly one of our early and myriad discussions about the Brotherhood, how it works, and how leadership really, at it's core works. He had the heart then, and I took him on as a sort of unofficial apprentice, making him my praetor. I wish I could say that this position was a glorious one, but frankly, it's anything but. There were errands galore, information to sift through, projects to pen and proof. On it's face, it probably seemed like more of the same for him: always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

It's hard to ignore talent. Some may be threatened by it, some may be worried about the direction of it, and rarer still are those who seek to foster it. I try to fall into the third category. Many of those he had worked for and with before did not. It's difficult to be the one with the fire in your belly when everyone around seems placated, docile, happy with what they have so far. It can drag you down, it can burn you up.

Watching him smolder, I knew that something had to happen. Odan-Urr, despite their unique concept, despite the frenzy of activity at onset, had begun to die. Kal and I had discussed at length how that house was important to the brotherhood, in terms of recruitment, in terms of story, in terms of our membership. He did not hesitate when I suggested that he go to help build Odan-Urr up, to help them find the strength I knew that they were capable of.

Unleashed on the lighties, Kal took the name Liam, and began climbing the ladder from within, much as he had done in Plagueis before. Free from the decades of history that all of the other units had, Liam found himself like a kid in a candy store. This was different. This was new. This could be something more. He attacked his 'duties' with gusto, with the understanding that few people have about why we do things the way that we do. Free to toss out things that were done 'because they have always been done that way', and using things gleamed from his discussions with the other consuls, the other quaestors, and even dark councilors, he managed to push every aspect that he touched higher and higher.

By the time he was named Quaestor, it was but a formality. He brewed up intricate backstories with Ji. He distilled new competitions with Kaira, Tyno, Jason Hunter. He helped educate and raise up A'lora, V'yr, Kah. He got down into the ditches and worked his fingers into nubs, and then used the blood for ink. He brought his vision to bear, and convinced others that Odan Urr was something that was worth fighting for. That Odan Urr was more than a fad, or a flash in the pan. He came to Odan Urr to make it great, and bring everyone along for the ride. He took a house that whispered tales of the expiriment failed and grew that dying seed into one of the most vocal and active units in the brotherhood, hoping to contend for clan-hood before too long.

And why? Because that is what he knew it could be. Because he knew that Odan Urr has a special niche in the Brotherhood. Because he knew that this was bigger than him, and he acted with that in his heart in every action.

It's now been more than a year since he took up the mantle of Quaestor of the Brotherhood's only Light-sided house, and three years since he was last recognized with a promotion. It's a testament to his humility that he hasn't been promoted sooner. Lesser folks would stamp their feet and pout if they felt that they weren't given their due. Those folks tend to create a stir, prod others into acting on their behalf...and then vanishing once they get what they wanted. Liam would say that he's already been rewarded. He would say that watching the house grow into the friendly and active community that it has become would be reward enough. He would tell us that helping the others in the house learn, having others join him on his adventure would be more than sufficient. And he may even say that he didn't want the recognition, so I have a spoonful of sugar to help this go easier for him: In order to Clan up, Odan Urr needs an elder. You're now one step closer.

Thank you, my friend, for all that you do, for all that I know that you will continue to do. I appreciate all of the time and energy that you pour into this club. From a grateful Grand Master and an impressed house, please accept this promotion to the fourth equite rank.


In Star Wars news, filming may begin on the island of Skellig Michael in county Kerry, Ireland. Skellig Michael is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, and is a tie back to our ancient roots. With filming already underway in London, and Abu Dhabi, seeing something happen in a greener locale begs some questions as to what planets may feature in the 7th film.


Ask the GM Time!

Rial asks "<Rial> Do you think Star Wars 7 will help boost DB numbers <Rial> Are you going to watch Star Wars Rebels?"

Anytime that a new Star Wars item pops up, the Brotherhood stands to gain quite a few new members. With all the buzz surrounding the new films, we're probably going to start seeing some of that tidal wave here soon. As far as Rebels, I will eventually watch it, but I have to finish with the Clone Wars, first.

Andrelious asks "If all the clouses were to ally and rebel against the GM, how much chance would they have of pulling it off?"

This is a pretty loaded question, and one with a lot of variables. If the clans were to unite with the goal of killing the Grand Master (any grand master), that would be a problem for them. Even though Grand Masters are not quite gods, they are powerful people, and they tend to know when a situation is going sideways on them. Smart and resourceful, they'd be able to get out of the way and avoid being killed. It more or less takes a Grand Master to kill a grand master, and they tend not to be enemies of each other for both practical and personal reasons.

If the motive is political power, the Throne guides the clans. Rebelling openly against the throne would be dealt with swiftly and harshly. There is just too much power concentrated at the top, given the way that the clans receive funding and recruits from the central brotherhood. In a protracted scenario, Antei would turn off the faucet of new members, funnelling them to new clans and houses under their control, then engage in a systematic withering of the renegade clans.

Now, that's given an un-named Grand Master. Muz, on the other hand would ascertain the alliance. If the alliance was tenuous, he'd break it apart and deal with the contingents separately. If it was rock solid, he'd step aside, because it has always been Muz's goal to create a unified Brotherhood and to eliminate as much of the internecine and phyrric struggles that the Brotherhood has had. Having achieved that goal would be enough for him.

Of course, that's all just fictional stuff. In the real world, there is a Dark Covenant that lays out the steps to removing a bad-acting Grand Master.



• Aabsdu is the New Master At Arms!

• Applications for Consul of Plagueis!

• Auto-AWOL check code goes live!

• Some recruitment awards will auto generate now!

• Liam is Promoted!

And that is about all for this time. Have fun out there!


Congratulations on EQ4, Liam! And grats to Aabsdu on MAA. You'll do great :>

Congrats, Liam.

That's a lot of stuff.

Congrats Liam/Kal, you deserve it.

You too Aabs. Today's a good day for you, it seems.

Congrats Aabs and KaLiam. Nice to see success for Plagueians both current and former!

Congrats boss! You are an inspiration to lighties everywhere!

Congrats to Aabs as well. I, for one, welcome our new Plagueian MAA overlord.

Also, seems like a good time to deploy this:

Stay Lightie My Friends

Congrats to Liam and Aabs too!! May their paths be enlightened by their new roles.


Congrats, Kalliam!

Congrats Liam and Aabsdu.

lmfao, Turel...

Grats dude :)

Congrats on the promotion Kal! And Congrats on getting MAA Aabs!

Congratulations all round it seems! Especially Aabs who has been monumental in helping me get to grips with the RM position. I don't know what I would have done, or will do without him :p

See Kal? Always told you that you'd get there. Well Deserved!

Aabs! Congrats! I know you'll do great things!

Congratulations Liam and Aabs!

Congrats to Liam and Aabs!


Congratulations Kal and Aabs

Damn, time to break in a new leader.

Get ready for full blown Chiss everywhere lol

Wooo grats guys! Also wooo for me sending in one of the weirdest applications ever! :P

Hell yeah Aabs and Liam!



James rocks. Liam rocks. Thanks everyone for the warm wishes.

Regarding everyone's ability to kill the Grand Master, I see three options (spoilers):

  • Halcyon births a shadow baby that sneaks up behind Muz and stabs him before dissipating
  • Xen and...I don't know, Socks jointly work to poison Muz's whiskey
  • A great gust of wind blows Muz off a bridge in pure happenstance

I see your shadow baby and raise you one Jac :P

Congratulations, Aabs! I'm sure you'll kick a lot of ass in your new position.

Thank you all! I'm floored by this, and honestly still kind of in shock, lol. HOU HYPE!

I'm digging this options to kill the Grand Master Aabs. Don't forget about the having a peaceful wedding so Raken can send some regards during the after party.


1) Congrads to Aabs. May god have mercy on the soul of the New MAA. 2) Huh?

I thought Raken was going to be the one announcing the MAA...? Ah well, it doesn't matter.

Congratulations, Aabs; CP's loss is the DB's gain. Again. :P

The DC is in our base stealing all our veterans?

Congratulations Aabs and Kal!

Aabs sucks. Grats everyone!

Gratz Aabsie, Kal!

With regards to rebelling, it depends. If a few former GMs join on our side and the others remain neutral... I think it'd come down to on what side the GMs and the DPs stand. that MY name in a GM report? Holy crap!

Oh yeah...congratulations on the promos and positions everyone! Good work all around!

It not only depends on what side, but which GMs they were. A side with...say Thedek and Crona wouldn't fare well against Jac and Sarin. You get into the stacking the deck scenarios, where Pravus, Muz and Jac (who are fairly close in character) tend to roll together, and you get to a point where not much this side of Luke could stop them.

I'm sure things would be a lot different had GMs not been given a lot more points to spend on their CS' than originally intended, as well as getting their own tier of power :P

This begs the question - how does one of our GMs stack up against Luke?

They'd get their ass thouroughly kicked. This has always been the case and it should always stay like that, otherwise we have no fictional reason for not making a move out of secrecy :P

I'd have thought the reason we can't do that, Mal, is because the clans would stab each other in the back and ruin any operation.

Looking at Muz's character sheet, there are... ways.

whistles and walks off

Muz v Luke will have to wait to see just how "badass" Episode 7 Luke is or isn't.

Meh, if if they make Luke a wuss we'd just have to wussify our GMs even more :P

Also not a fan of our characters, GM or not, being anywhere near as powerful as Luke and the other Force-Jesus' out there.

Luke'll always be stronger, he just doesn't need theatricality and fancy effects-- something he showed when he laid the smack down on Jacen.

There was a what if battle years ago pitting Luke Skywalker vs Darth Bane. In the end, Bane won, but barely. I think Luke would get easily beaten by our GMs. Especially if they teamed up. Unlike the sith Luke has faced, ours are not completely based on one master and apprentice.

Take episode VI. Vader did lose to Luke, but he was hindered by his suit, and was Sidious' apprentice. Palp was the master. Luke got spanked.

Yeah luke has grown, but even the mighty Yoda got beaten.

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