Inmortuae Report #1.1


Inmortuae Report #1.1

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--- 4 weeks later ---

It didn't take the select group of members long to get to Samael after he contacted them. After being send on several missions and the result of those, Itshim fell in favor with the Battleteam Leader. This led to him being placed in the position of Battleteam Sergeant.

Through the hallways, which Itshim was getting more and more familiarised with, the Cathar made his way to Samael's office.

“KNOCK, KNOCK. Sam, I need to speak to you...”

No response came from behind the heavy door which Itshim kept knocking on. This waiting took to long for an anxious Cathar so he grabbed the doorknob. Turning it granted him access,... but Samael would never keep that door unlocked.

“Are you in here?... Well I guess not.”

The moment Itshim took his first step back in the direction of the hallways, he noticed a note on his Leader’s desk. Itshim recognized his Leaders’s handwriting. He wrote: I’m off, got some sh°t to handle.

--- Another week later ---

During a week Itshim went to Samael’s office several times. No sign of his Leader on any of these occasions. It was pretty clear to him that Samael Ozriel wasn’t coming back

Itshim sat behind the desk, grabbing hold on the comm unit: “Attention all members! With Samael gone, I claim his quarters. I’m in charge now.”

The Old Inmortuae


I’ve planned some competitions (6 to be exact) in the line of the idea Inmortuae started on. Be sure to check the competion-list regulary to get a piece of the action.

The New Inmortuae

The last of these competitions will be fiction-writing. At the end of it, we’ll be cleared of our False-God status. From there on we’ll be taking a new path. (Info will follow)

Ongoing Competitions

There is a lot of stuff happening, a whole bunch of competitions can be found here

The two competitions I’d specially like to get under your attention are Reanimated: Chapter One and Judecca World

!!! Go get those shinies boys!!!


  • Itshim (BTL)

  • Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae

  • Scion Tarentae

  • Pel

  • Zekk

  • Archean Tarentae

  • Caesar

  • Dox Romanae Tarentae

  • Altheseus Levathan

  • Zill

  • shornik

  • Vordhall

  • isuca

    So... This was my first report ever. Hope you liked it, hope to have been of service ... Itshim out ...

Well done on your first report, Itshim!

Nicely written!

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