Introductory Deathwatch Report


Introductory Deathwatch Report


-=| Introduction |=-

No fiction update because well I am being lazy and really just wanted to touch base. I have been in the Brotherhood for what seems like forever. Before I was here I was in the EHDB for quite some time as well. Wiki stuff is about my favorite thing in the club because I like to create things. I play Squadrons and am a gamer at heart with Assasins Creed being about my favorite franchise. Despite a crazy work schedule, I am on Telegram unless I am asleep. I work for a Telco company climbing Telephone poles and fixing cable pairs. I have 4 kids and a wife and this is my escape. My first rule is always real life is a priority and this is what we do for fun. I don’t put pressure on people but love to watch and help folks achieve their goals in the club. I am not a formal person if you can’t tell from this report. Also, you will find I type in a southern accent.

-=| Plans |=-

The nuts and bolts here. I plan on doing some remodeling on the team Wiki to more clearly define our fictional role in the Clan. I personally want to take Deathwatch in the direction of the original as seen in the Clone Wars. To become the Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Forest Recons of the clan. That is my goal for the Battleteam, fictionally and hopefully in the club, to be feared as competitors.

However, this is all of ours and I don’t mind the inmates running the asylum so to speak. People are more engaged when they have a voice and I want you guys to have a voice. So let me know, hit me up on telegram, or shoot me an email. If y’all find certain competition suit you or are just more fun let me know. We can run them internally or house and clan wide.

The member count is low. Hopefully, we can fix that by recruiting people to the team. The best way to do that is for us to have a fun and inviting team that people want to join. But, badgering and begging folks works just as well. So, if y’all reading this are not in Deathwatch and want to place to hang out and do stuff give us a look over and think about jumping aboard.

-=| Competitions |=-

Here are the currently running Competitions

I know I just linked the entire competitions page but I did it for two reasons.

  1. It is easier.
  2. You know what you like to do and don’t need me to force-feed you.

Credits Not Words Have Fun

Wooo! Four kids makes for a busy life. Can't wait to see how your ideas shape Deathwatch going forward!

Gratz on the position

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