Jorm's First QUAdress


Jorm's First QUAdress


A sharp pang ran through the metal floor and elicited a painful shriek from the material.

“What the fwec was that?”

Xantros’ voice had a quality linked to broken noses on the best of days, but today it was worse. Maybe the bruises, cuts and knuckle imprints on his face had something to do with it.

“Tearing steel,” Jorm answered without a shadow of humor as the dulled, distant thud of an explosion reached their position at the tethered edge of the bridge city.

The floor started to vibrate and groan, a cue that both men took to run for their shuttle nearby.

“Just what the day needed,” Xantros complained at the ramp while the ship’s engines wailed to readiness. “Was anyone in town right now?”

“Bale,” Jorm replied, unusually monosyllabic.

“Fwec. Will we wait for him?”

Jorm observed the increasing crescendo and chaos for a moment before he replied.

“For all of thirty seconds. We’re not dying here for the guy who likely caused that cataclysm.”

Well Hello Again Chaps,

Welcome back to my belated first official report as your QUA. I’ll let you know what’s currently up, running, or coming our way looking for trouble, and will briefly outline what you can expect from the future.

Aedile Chosen

Welcome back Braecen Kaeth, this time around as the House’s XO!

I have decided to go with Braecen because he’s a proven leader and my own RL will demand a lot of my time soon, since I’ll be moving to a different city. I fully trust him to not burn Excidium to the ground while I’m painting my new walls, and we will work together to bring you the next wave of House content.

Current Events

As you could gather from the intro fiction, Excidium’s efforts on the Kiera Run didn’t work out as planned, ending in our retreat and the loss of our former Quaestor. But we don’t have time to mourn or scheme, as our unfriendly neighbors back in our new home system of Caperion have cast us Into The Fire.
This Clan-level event is split in two phases, the first of which is ending March 23rd, with a break and the second phase running from April 7th to 30th.

And our brothers and sisters in Imperium are looking for a new crib too.

Thinking about Soon! (TM)

Considering the low turnout of both the EMB and the Kiera Run event, we’ll have a look at
1) condensing fiction prompts into a single competition instead of five or more,
2) how the House members interact with and motivate each other. There's got to be something we can do to strengthen our community and the interest in the DJB, methinks.

More Competitions

For Scholae Palatinae

Jon Silvon hosts Super Soldiers which gives you an opportunity to go more in-depth with the DJB’s sworn enemy.

The whole world... uhm, DJB

...too many to sum up. Have a go at them!

Aaaand that’s all for now! If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t be shy to hit me on Telegram or email.


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