Karness Muur December Quastor Report: So Much To Do, Oh, and Shopping Too!


Karness Muur December Quastor Report: So Much To Do, Oh, and Shopping Too!


Rogue One, Winter Trials, and Other Things to Do!

Well, this sure has been a fun week around the DJB, HKM, and the nerdverse at large. Rogue One came out, Assassin’s Creed is about to come out, and there’s all sorts of fun going on in the DB. I don’t think I have to tell you, but I will anyway, DO ALL THE THINGS!

We have the Winter Trials going on in Plagueis right now where each of our summit members have come up with something exciting to do. We’re in the last week of the event and there’s some really fun stuff. I’d like to promote my event a bit, They Gave Me What?. In this event, you’re given an interesting list of things to accomplish a mission with. There’s one item on the list (I’m not going to say which) that I’ll probably give a shout out to the most creative user of. If this isn’t enough stuff to do, there’s also the Rogue One Celebration Series sponsored by the Dark Council. So go forth and do the things!

When it comes to Rogue One, I wanted to offer a bit of a PSA regarding a very sensitive topic. Don’t spoil it. Period. End of Discussion.

We clear? Good. Now I have seen the movie and if you want to talk privately about it, I’m more than willing to. There’s also a Telegram Channel dedicated to this purpose. Until the powers that be lift the embargo, just don’t discuss Rogue One in the Plagueis or any other DB channels.

Ask the Sniper

Since all the cool kids are doing this “ask me stuff” thing in their reports, I thought I’d get in on the action. I actually do enjoy this sort of thing, though I’m fairly sure the next one I do will be an in-character version. Without further ado:

*Furios asks, “What do you want for Christmas? *

My two front teeth? Na, I actually have all my teeth. To tell you the truth, my Christmas list is kind of dull this year. A lamp, new watch, that sort of “fun” stuff. Though if you lot are looking for Star Wars stuff to get me, I do play Rebels and Scum in the X-wing minis game…

Xolarin asks, “What's your favorite thing of the job? How about least favorite (f you're willing to say)?”

Well, that’s a tricky question. I guess I’d have to say my favorite part is writing the medal recommendations for you lot. I love seeing hard work pay off. As for the least favorite, well, I’m not going to say there isn’t one, I’m just not sure this is the proper place to discuss it lest it might upset someone.

Selika asks, “If Arden were a pilot from Top Gun, who would he be?”

Jester, because Michael Ironside.

Abadeer asks, “What is Arden's character based on, what's his inspiration?”

Arden really isn’t based on a single character, though there is one that is pretty close. While in reality Arden was really generated from the notion that it would be cool to see what sort of things you could do with Force powers that used blasters instead of lightsabers. While he became more of a sniper, his overall look and fighting style were actually both inspired by the same character, Tetragammon Cleric John Preston played by future Batman Christian Baile in Equilibrium


I’ve never really gotten to write a fight with Arden using just blasters at close range, but if he did, I’d imagine he’d use a form of Gun Kata much like Preston did in the movie. There are also similarities between the two when it comes to overall demeanor.

Moment of Zen

I’ll leave you this month with something Selika shared with me recently. Some of you might know that the two of us (as well as some other Plaguians) are big fans of a naval combat game known as World of Warships. I recently was shown a game replay where Star Wars was invoked because, well,It’s a Trap!. Oh, yeah, we’re more than willing to introduce new recruits into the fun world of boat shooting, just let us know because referral bonuses are a thing in this game for both parties. Last but not least, Happy/Merry Winter Holiday of Choice and Happy New Year to all.

I figured it was going to be either Jester or Iceman, glad to know I was right!

Nice! I always enjoy reading character inspirations, cool to see who they're based off of and how they react to situations, and where the player (lack of a better word) changes from the inspiration. Good pick!

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