Karness Muur Report 9/2105


Karness Muur Report 9/2105


The Right Wing Ascends

Greetings all and welcome to the September edition of the Karness Muur Report. First off please allow me to apologize for the tardiness of my report. I could give you excuses about how I am incredibly busy with a new job that has created for me a 145 mile commute. Instead I will simply ask for your forgiveness. Also the first person to forgive me gets 15 Callus Creditz* so there's that.

So you may or may not know that technically as Quaestor of Karness Muur I am fictionally the Right Wing of Dread. What does that mean exactly? Think of our Consul as a winged visage of death Karness Muur is the sword arm of the clan we are the fury of Plagueis, as such I want to work on developing that fictionally and would love to have your feedback on what exactly that means to you. In the comments below or in an e-mail let me know your thoughts I don't really want to do this thing all alone and I know that all of you have ideas that can help us out. That also brings us to a good transition

With everything Turn, turn, turn

So after about 2 months it is official, we have an AEDILE again. The one, the only, Athrun Zala has been chosen by the summit to come in and do the duty for us. We wont bite, yet. There's also been some other turnover across the clan. If you don't know Teylas has been elevated to the rank of Consul, choosing former Ajunta Pall Quaestor Selika Roh as his Proconsul. Why he didn't choose your vastly superior Quaestor we'll never know, there's no accounting for taste I suppose. Across the way in the lesser house of Ajunta Pall Dracaryis has been chosen as Quaestor and in keeping wth HAP taking all of our talent Kelly Mendes has been made Aedie of that house. Things are going to run as usual here since I am the rock that cannot be shaken. Speaking of things...

Gettin tore up with Tarentum

Well the worst kept secret is now out of the bag. Next month we will be starting a cooperative event with Tarentum. The event looks to be really cool not only fictionally but the way it is set up. We are going to create blended teams using members from each clan. A google form has been set up to help create the teams you will keep the teams together throughout the entire event and work together to secure the most points and by doing so the most hardware, and who doesn't want more medals?

The best part? Unlike the Restoration event that we did as a clan, I get to play! So watch out because I am coming for all of you.

Look you made it

Well we made it to the end friends I want to leave you with a parting question, one that I have asked myself recently. What do you want out of the club? What do you want to put in to it?

As always please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything


OE Callus Bo’Amar, Quaestor - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

[Report ID CBO_08]

*Callus Creditz have no exchange value with Teylas Tokenz, Selika Simoliens, Drac Dinero, or Jai'de Jewlez.

For the record, you can never go wrong with Teylas tokens and I accept all form of bribery and sucking up.

I knew I sent Teylas the wrong payments for pc.

Lesser house, eh?

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