Liath Event Announcement


Liath Event Announcement




An event on House level, where members decide upon the direction we'll take.


Time for a little event!

The mission for House Liath is simple, gain control of Eden City without revealing the existence of the Dark Brotherhood... Liath to spread among the people and gain control of their social, governmental, and economic systems. We want to become Eden City!

Liathans!!! Take part in this event of fiction, gaming, poetry, graphics and... most importantly, the development of our House and its members.

Participation matters! Each entry in a 'sub-competition' will gain you points for the overall event, in which you can win not only 3rd level Crescents but also a shot at your story becoming ours.

The event: "A Liath Story:..." will run for a month, starting August 5th. With the excitement of an upcoming GJW, and the later delay of it, we've seen an 'activity-drop'. Let's show everyone what we can do by boosting activity, while preparing for the GJW (that'll happen eventually)


  • Be active.
  • Make me proud.
  • Tarentum Momentum!


Yay! Good luck guys!

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