Magistrate to the Fist Applications


Magistrate to the Fist Applications


Apply for Magistrate!

That’s right folks, it is that time again! This time we will have one magistrate position open in April. It is a great opportunity, please read below for more information.

What we are looking for in applicants:

  • Positive attitude

  • Easy to work with others\ be part of a team

  • Willing to learn and teach\guide others

  • No minimum rank requirement.

  • All ranks may apply BUT we prefer to give a lower rank member a chance vs a higher rank member and that maybe Consul, Quaster etc.

  • Basic understanding of the Rites of Combat

  • Consistent Telegram presence and Email Turnaround of 24 hours

  • At least one idea on how to make gaming better within the club.

”What is the magistrates job?” The magistrates are responsible for reviewing and approving gaming submissions within 24hrs, setting up and running monthly DB-Wide gaming competitions, and assisting with revisions to the wiki where needed. These are six month positions.

“How do I apply?”, well great question! Simply write up your resume and email to BOTH myself (Juna) at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and Drac at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. Must follow this instruction!

“What should I write in my resume?” This is your chance to sell yourself! Tell us why you think you are the best person for the job. Do you have any wiki experience? Are you willing to learn if not? How could you help make gaming better within the club? What games do you play and familiar with?

”When will applications be due?” Last day for applications will be March 25th 2019.

Application does not need to be in any specific format. You can pdf, Gdoc, Word Doc etc.

Good Luck to you all! And look forward to seeing plenty of applications!


Come on and apply, folks. It’s a great chance to see how a DC office runs!

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