Marka Ragnos Aedile Report #3


Marka Ragnos Aedile Report #3

Hello and Welcome to the 3rd House Marka Ragnos' Aedile Report! There has been a lot of movin' and shakin' in the last month, so let us get down to it shall we?

General Information

Project D.I.E Ends today! It's been great to see the activity and creativity that everyone has put forth in this Run On. Get those last mintue posts in and be part of Clan Canon!

House Intel

We've had new members arrive and people being promoted! Congratualtions to those who advanced, and welcome to the new blood. I'm glad to see all of it. That's all covered under our QUA's report that you can read here.

Important Notice

LOG IN! I cannot stress this enough, Go to and log in. We all understand that life happens and sometimes you gotta step away and not be part of what we do here. However, not longing in can have you moved to the Rogues and no one wants to see that. We would like to see you stay in the Clan, and in the House. If you can take a mintue or two and log in we would all greatly appreciate it.


  • Jeric is running a new series of Word Search competitions. They are weekly, and don't take to much time: Word Search
  • Dragoon has a CNS wide graphics competition to create a suit of armor for Devil's Shroud. You should check it. Devil's Shrouds New Look
  • Dragoon likes things graphics heavy, so he has a second compeitition to also design a base for his Battle Team as well. The New Base Needed
  • I also need your help with an experiment that I am conducting, if you could just complete this task it would be a big help. Experiment: 458

That's all for CNS competitions at the moment. Check out all the other DB wide competitions running here and get some shinnies.


Our time here has come to an end. I hope you have enjoyed it, I know I have.

If you have any questions please let myself or Kalon know, and as always thanks for watching.

SW Maelous Ascarend

Nutritious! Will have a fiction entry for you at some point soon :)

Very happy to see the returns! keep up the good work Maelous.

Thanks for the report good sir. We had a great turnout for the RO

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