Master at Arms: Hello, I Am Howie


Master at Arms: Hello, I Am Howie


Hello! I'm Howie, your new-old-new Master at Arms! This won't be a full on report yet, more of an introduction, some shout-outs, and some reminders about things!

  • First of all, I'd like to thank my predecessor Aabsdu/Zanet/Zanax for his service to the position of Master at Arms, and wish him well in his retirement/medium time for naps in Plagueis! Also, thanks for the double ED. Insert inside joke here.

  • Second, I'd like to thank Mav and Sarin for giving me a shot/putting up with my ranting

  • Third, I'd like to say to all of you, my door/cave is always open. Send me an email, drop a comment on a report, harass me on telegram, I don't care - just harass me!

I think everyone in the DB knows me? As Sarin said, I was on the Dark Council in the 90s and early 2000s (god dammit, Yacks), and I've been a member of this club on and off and on again for almost two decades. If you have questions that are burning, that's what discourse comments are for!

Howie as Master at Arms

Overall? Things tomorrow will remain virtually unchanged from how things were yesterday. I have no intention of blowing up anything and everything, and especially not in my first week. Here are some specifics about what I'm planning on doing over the next week, and other things you probably need or want to know:

  • Teylas has agreed to stay on as Magistrate, and he's welcome to stay as long as he likes.

  • I won't be filling the Praetor spot at this point, that's something for the coming weeks and month(s) ahead.

  • I'm going to going through the Wiki and updating the appropriate pages that need love (or in some cases, need to be lit on fire and deleted because they're obsolete).

  • Teylas and I are still reachable through the MAA Staff Google Group - and I'd appreciate it if you could send your emailed requests to that address (maa-staff at - that way both of us see it, and we can process your request faster!

  • I am running a puzzle competition. Click the puzzle!. It runs for about a week!

  • There's a new competition archetype, for graphics/art in the Brotherhood! The Graphics archetype is specifically competitions that award the Cluster of Graphite.

  • Multimedia/graphics related competitions that won't be awarding clusters (like all other competitions - and like Arcia said) should be submitted as a Regular archetype.

Fixing Competitions - New Policy/Procedure

On occasion, people mess up competitions, we've all done it (yes, even me!). We miss a participant, we swap placements. It happens and it is not a big deal. Fixing those competitions is not a big deal either, but with the launch of possessions, there is an added wrinkle - credits for individuals and units need to be adjusted. This is really just more of a formalization of what we in the Master at Arms office have been doing for at least a year with the addition of possessions/Regent people, but here's how I think it should go:

  1. A member notices that there's an error in the competition they ran. Send Teylas and I an email letting us know what needs to be done. Additionally, if you could CC Evant and Halcyon (the Regent and Regent's Praetor, respectively) so they know they need to adjust credit values, that'd be appreciated.

  2. Teylas and I will acknowledge your email and get everything ready (preparing to delete medals, reopening competitions, etc. - it depends on the situation).

  3. If the placements have to be changed, we will reply and ask you to send an email to all the participants, so that they know what's coming.

  4. Once that has been done, one of us will reopen the competition/delete all the placement medals, and reply back to the requester letting them know they can proceed.

  5. Finally, the competition organizer can change the placements/change participants and then close the competition.

I'll be documenting that on the MAA Policies Wiki page if that works for everyone.


Expect a more formal report with more news in the next few days - but I just wanted to reiterate, if you have questions, comments, or otherwise want to scream at me? That's what I'm here for!

PS: Do all the things.

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