May the Fourth 2024: We Have Liftoff!


May the Fourth 2024: We Have Liftoff!



M4 is a go! Please see the original post for intro fic and initial details. Thank you all that registered, we managed to fill out all 17 teams!

Special thank you to Huntsmen for volunteering as our last Tribute (but don't you touch the mahogany):


Love the Team names this year!!! (yay pg-13!)


That is all for now. Feel free to rename your Team [Random #] and create a DM group for yourselves to collaborate. Please email or DM Appi and Socks on Discord with any questions or concerns. Good luck teams, have fun, and may the Force be ever in your favor!

Update: Slight hiccup with Crossword #1, thanks for the heads up! The competition has been reapproved with proper link.


A GM and a pyro walk into a bar... Fireworks fly.

Thanks for putting this together folks.

That’s quite a few teams, gl everyone ^^

We are Team Brother really wow ok....

Look at those teams!!

Wait for the 2025 May 4th Team Names....

Good luck y'all!

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