Midnight Phase 2 Results


Midnight Phase 2 Results

Phase Two Results


As you can tell, participation dropped quite a lot in phase two, which was completely expected given the holidays! I hope you all enjoyed the break from the world and are gearing up in excitement for 2017! We still have all the event long competitions (worth a lot of points!) and all of phase three to go! Keep up the awesome work CSP!


Intel: The Order of the New Dawn Status Board



Intel: The Operations

For your enjoyment, here is a Spotify Playlist with a wide mix of theme associated music.

Midnight is the parent competition for this event. Points will be awarded for participation, placement, and a factor of difficulty of the competition itself will be applied. All currently running competitions for Midnight will be accessible through this link.

For the specific prompts please subscribe to the competition. Remember some competitions are timed based and will be noted in the competition details in bold. You can expect several most sets of competitions to open up as we go along this month, and some more epic fiction to accompany them!

Event Long (Ends Midnight January 2nd)

Epic Fiction: The epic fiction competition is a level 3 competition.

Run-on: The run-on is a level 3 competition. There are two different run-on threads, and you may participate in one of them. Please read the opening prompt for both before making your choice of which one you would like to participate in. These can be found in these threads:

Battle Plan: The battle plan competition is a level 3 competition. This competition can be done individually or on teams of up to 4 people. There are two possible scenarios that you may pick from.

Multimedia: The multimedia competition is a level 3 competition. This can be done individually or on teams of up to 4 people.

Phase Three (Ends Midnight January 2nd)

Fiction: The phase three fiction is a level 2 event.

Gaming: The phase three gaming is a level 2 event.

Graphics: The phase three graphics is a level 2 event.

Poetry: The phase three poetry is a level 2 event.

Trivia: The phase three trivia is a level 1 timed event.

Flash Game: The phase three flash game is a level 1 event.


Still lots of big events are open to work on! This is still anyone’s game to win, so don’t let off the gas in this last week! For the Empire!


Congratz everyone!

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