My Final MAA Report


My Final MAA Report

It's my understanding that Muz will soon be announcing who the next MAA will be, so wanted to take care of a couple of things prior to stepping aside.

As of tomorrow (July 26, 2014), Aabsdu, Malik, and Evant will have served as Magistrates to the MAA for 8 months. Until I had served in this office I would never have understood or appreciated the amount of work involved in keeping things running. I won't try and say things have been perfect or always run completely smoothly, because there have been bumps along the way.

But I have been able to rely on these Magistrates for a great deal during their time of service. They were involved in discussing every recommendation for an Equite+ promotion or sacramental award that came through the MAA office. They often found or saw details that I had missed in making my own evaluation of things.

As a token of my appreciation, and to reward them for the time and work involved in this service, I am pleased to award a Sapphire Blade to each of them.

Congratulations, gentlemen, and again, thank you.

Congratulations, Aabs-Mal-Evant

Thanks for your time and energy,

Congrats to Aabs, Malik, and Evant as well!

Congrats to all of you!

Congrats Aabs/Evant. Malik sucks.

Congrats, guys!

Congratulations to you all!

Congrats guys! (srsly, who's this Mal guy?)

Thanks for everything Kalen!

now that's a good DCer, reward the staff as you leave the office.

Grats on the awards guys, you've been working hard and earned them! Kalen, thanks for the efforts.

Thank you for your excellent service, Arion. =)

You have raised the standards of the MAA Office and the responsibilities it entails to soaring new heights.

Malik, Aabs, guys were OK, I guess. Congrats on your Sapphire Blades.


Well Earned!

Congrats on the Sapphire Blades you three! Very well earned.

Great jobs, Aabs and Evant! :)

Not sure what's going on with decorating that tree outside though. Is it Christmas already?

Congrats Aabs and Evant! And its always Christmas when Malik gets awarded.

Congratulations to all three of you. Well deserving.

rubs all the humans Congrats!

Not the tree. You do not rub a tree.

Congrats to you guys for the life-long service in our special club, wear the blades with pride because you guys are the best at your job.

I thought pandas spend their whole lives rubbing up against trees?

You've been a solid boss, Arion; I've learned a lot from you :-)

Thanks to all of you for doing the job that keeps this club running daily. Double thanks to you for serving on the Dark Council, Kalen! I know it's not an easy job :)

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