Mysteries of Aliso


Mysteries of Aliso

The Pinnacle 36 ABY

Nothing was ever exactly calm about Aliso. After all, the planet had a torrid history: Ecological disaster had taken its toll, expunging the surface and the vast oceans of all but the simplest of life forms. To have complex sentients living here now - Humanoids and non-Humanoids alike - was impressive.

“We were lucky,” intoned Arden Karn from his chair, as he sat in his quarters, looking out the viewing portal that overlooked the enormous hangar bays below.

His Wrath, Ronovi Tavisaen, blinked. Standing beside her was TuQ’uan Varick, the new Overseer, his breathing raspy behind his mask. The new Plagueis ruling council had finally convened, ready to discuss the status of both the clan and its homeworld.

“How were we lucky?” asked the Epicanthix.

Arden sighed, the air whistling through his nostrils. He stretched out the fingers on his right hand. He didn’t want them to be too stiff - after all, his marksmanship and aim could not afford to suffer.

“Dracaryis,” he explained, “was instrumental in preventing an outright decimation of our fleets. And as a result, the Collective never exactly had a chance to hit our assets. Aliso remains pristine, unscathed. However…”

“There are less dramatic ways to infiltrate enemy lines,” finished Ronovi.

“You reckon spies?” asked TuQ’uan.

“Seems obvious.”

The Dread Lord stood up from his chair. While he was by no means as tall as Ronovi was, his stature was still intimidating, though he exuded an aura of both charisma and business savvy.

“There’s much more to this planet than Aliso City,” Arden remarked. “We need to remember that. And the Collective may very well be performing reconnaissance on us. We need to beat them at their own game.”

“Expansion,” muttered Ronovi. “Cute.”

“Necessary,” retorted the Dread Lord. “This planet is rife with natural resources. We already have significant gains from our duracrete and durasteel production. Our population’s agricultural endeavors - also good. And don’t get me started on the growth of our trade.”

“We won’t,” replied TuQ’uan.

“Economically, Plagueis is stronger than ever,” Arden continued. “Aliso City is prospering as a result. But we don’t simply end our commerce at its border.”

He was right, and Aliso City was far from static. It continued to grow and sprawl, making even the colossal Landsdown Docks seem too puny to house every ship for every merchant and traveler. There had to be other land masses - other potential settlements, abandoned or no - to scavenge and explore. And the Valneikian Spire, too - that could not be forgotten.

Ronovi and TuQ’uan exchanged a knowing look. The Left and Right Wings of the Dread Lord - Kelly Mendes and Furios Morega - would receive direct orders tonight.

Mysteries of Aliso

So with this lovely fictional interlude (courtesy of Ronovi) It’s time to announce our latest Clan Plagueis Events production Mysteries of Aliso ! The primary objective of this event is to highlight the wonders of our homeworld as well as to expand upon them by creating new locations and people to populate it. Many of the competitions of this event focus on that goal, with the usual addition of fun and exciting things to go along with them. This will be a 2 week event with 7 events per week, and will be starting Monday May the 21st. You can find them all here. I do want to put out one little disclaimer though, just because a submission wins or places doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to use it as written. I want to use as many of the things you all come up with as possible, but Ronovi and I reserve the right to tweak things as we see fit.

So go out, do all the things, and have fun. Oh, and you know it wouldn’t be a news post about an event from me without a visit from a friend of ours!


Much excite!! Very fun!!

You hear that? That's the hype train going CHOO-CHOOOOO, comin' 'round the bend!

Folks, we want you to have fun while also contributing to our clan's lore and location. Don't worry - Arden and I are professionals and know how to shine a shoe or two. If you catch my drift. Metaphors are hard.

Let us know if you have any questions before "Mysteries of Aliso" officially begins!

Make Aliso Bigger 2018, should I get started on the MAB hats? I need to order an extra big one for TuQ. An excellent opportunity for member driven content, something we as a leadership team are striving for.

Woooo, things to do!! I'll be ready and waiting when things start rolling. HYPE!!!!

Yeah, I saved your stuff. Remember that!

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