New Proconsul and Quaestor of Clan Plagueis


New Proconsul and Quaestor of Clan Plagueis


Hello, everyone!

I am pleased to announce the newest summit members in Plagueis! After receiving some wonderful applications, it came down to two people.

Your new Wrath has proven, time and time again, how dedicated they are to Plagueis. They have helped build Tyranus from the ground up, participated consistently, and been a strong presence as a leader and mentor. Please congratulate Liandry Lhucci Cataa for being appointed to Proconsul! I am looking forward to working with her as my second.

With Liandry's ascension to Wrath, that left us with a vacant position for Hand of Dread (Quaestor of House Tyranus). The individual I chose is, in fact, about to become a Plagueian. He has demonstrated, in the past few months, impressive leadership and enthusiasm. The conversations we have had about lore have been fascinating and enjoyable, and his outside perspective and voice is something to be respected and appreciated. Please congratulate Shimura Keibatsu on being appointed to Tyranus Quaestor!

I want to thank everyone else who applied and would be glad to provide personal feedback regarding your application should you ask for it. I am so excited for the future of Plagueis and its summit!

~ Ronovi Tavisaen

Dread Lord of Plagueis

Congrats guys!

Congratulations, both of you.

Congratulations, Liandry and Shimura!


Congrats to both!

Congrats, both of you!

Congrats both!

Congratulations to you both!

Woot, congrats to both of the new leaders!

Congratulations to both of you!


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