Night Raptors Report #2


Night Raptors Report #2


This report will be very light on bytes, as I'm re-getting my head wrapped around my position. But good things are coming our way, especially with the next Clan event that is coming soon.

Lots of people shuffling around. Some good competitions out there. Several activities within the House and Clan.


DP Darth Vexatus - unrelenting Force expert user

  • GMRG History Jun 14, 2015
  • Training Days: Good or Bad? 2015-06-08 - 2015-07-08
  • awarded a Crescent with Emerald Star

SWL Ashura Isradia Sadow - assassin/infiltrator (Master manipulator)

  • no activity

DJK Tasha'Vel Versea - midrange to close quarters fighter

  • promoted to DJK
  • organized - Training Days: Good or Bad? 2015-06-08 - 2015-07-08 - Make Your Own Jedi Species 2015-06-25 - 2015-07-02
  • participated in several competitions
  • fought in an ACC battle
  • played multiple Pazaak and Jedi Academy matches, and one Diablo round
  • amassed multiple Clusters and Crescents

PRT Ler Darr - blaster weapons expert/ranged

  • no activity


Hello my fellow Night Raptors, Tasha'Vel your friendly BTS. As you may have seen, I have tried to keep some competitions going for our House, Clan, and Team. I know that we may not have significant numbers active right now due to summer and what have you, but with the current developments that Armad and I are working on, I am hoping to write some fiction to get our team started. I appreciate any and all of our team members who have participated in my competition and I'm excited to see how this fiction pans out. Also, I am still working on my fun little interviews with Naga Sadow. If I haven't got to you yet, send me an email and I will see what I can do. Till then, stay strong and keep soaring Night Raptors!


Above, you notice that next to your names I put what I thought/figured your character's skill set would land them in a mission style setting. If I'm wrong free to let me know what role you see yourself playing within our team. And like I stated at the beginning, I am re-wrapping my head around my BTL position and will get my thoughts and ideas straightened out and in order shortly.

"On Wings of Hate, We Deliver Pain..."

I like this archetype that you've set on others, it's definitely original and I love you're trying to relearn leadership.

Ahh, report-lite. I like it. Wrap your head around whatever troubles you, fix it, come back a better person I'd say.

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