Nighthawk Report 004


Nighthawk Report 004

”Why are we fighting?”

“To win the war.”

“But why are they attacking us?”

“Because they want...our...stuff?”

“, why are we fighting?”

“To win the war.”


Hello, Nighthawk, how are all of you today? Good? Bit itchy? There’s creams for that.



The Fall of Scepter comps are still running, we’re into the second round now with the end approaching! NINE days left for the competitions, that’d be the end of the month.

Other than that, the ACC Rivalries is winding down, I don’t believe they’re accepting new battles for that (boo), so that’s about done. Everybody take a minute to give the Wally thanks when you see him (and a hug, he likes hugs), for running a fun ACC meat grinder.

The ACB Live! event is still running until the end of this month! This is a great way to test out new writing techniques, character development ideas and just general ‘this could be a fun thing to try’ sort of stuff. I’ve got three contracts under my belt already, waiting on the prompt for my fourth. And remember, ACB contracts count as FICTION, so every 500 words typed up = 1 Cluster of Ice. So it’s good for shinies besides just the Crescents that are up for grabs!


Arcean joined us!


Baxir Vol


Ood Bnar

Clusters of Fire x 4
Ood earned his Philosophy Maven!


Clusters of Earth x 39
Clusters of Fire x 6
Steel Cross x 1!
Crescent w/ Emerald x 1




Clusters of Earth x 64
Clusters of Fire x 1
Crescent w/ Sapphire x 1
Took ToR basics and General warfare!

Kalon Tsucyra Entar

N/A--But sighted on telegram and seemingly alive enough to give his Captain snark, looking forward to see what you come up with by next report :P


Promoted to Equite 2
Clusters of Earth x 85
Clusters of Ice x 7
Crescent w/ Amethyst x 1
Crescent w/ Emerald x 1
Crescent w/ Topaz x 1
Crescent w/ Sapphire x 3
Dark Cross x 1

Nath Voth

Clusters of Ice x 6
Crescent w/ Emerald x 1




Clusters of Earth x 86
Clusters of Fire x 4
Clusters of Ice x 2
Crescent w/ Ruby x 2
Crescent w/ Emerald x 2
Crescent w/ Topaz x2

Great month for our BTS!


Took Wiki basics!


Battleteam Comps:

Due to the Fall of Scepter comps, we’ve not been running anything. Look for something at the start of October!

Other Comps:

Competitions, yo


Well boys and girls, plants and creatures of varying genotypes, we managed to make it through another month without blowing up the Nighthawk! Good job!

There’s been a LOT of competitions running lately, so unfortunately we’ve not yet completed our wiki overhaul (I take most of the responsiblity on this one. You’re allowed to throw no more than TWO items at your Captain when I’m done). That’s going to be my focus in the coming weeks, so that hopefully we’ll get that Run On started that so many have asked me for. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of chaos we can cause on our ship, and how red the Admiral’s face can get.

Right now all I’ve really got to say is that I’m proud of all of you, and look forward to the next month of surprises!

Capt’in Bleu


Hello crew! As you all know, the attacks on S.C.E.P.T.E.R. have brought about all sorts of things to do! If you haven't already, get into a fiction comp...or three. There are a couple others, and points to win.

Will you rise to the top, and emerge victorius? Participation is key! Only a little over a week left, so get the things!


First? :P (but no the things!)

No pressure. :b

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