Nighthawk Report #03


Nighthawk Report #03

Hello crew! I hope your holidays were full of cheer, and that you got to see and spend time with all of your precious loved ones. If you haven’t built a snowman or snow angel for me yet, get outside and do it! I want pictures still! Although Mako and I had left you guys alone for December, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Battlefront: Fighter Squadron fiasco. That was one helluva marathon. (Mako: “I’m still detoxing from it”) Moving on~

See the conclusion to the Nighthawk’s Run-On here. I would like to give a special shout out to Bleu for hosting the Arconan Flash Series that is still ongoing. Also, keep an eye out for the Arcona Gaming Dominance that will be coming out soon. It will be running starting next week through the end of February. On top of that, Nighthawk will have a couple quick competitions for you guys to get into, but nothing too fancy.

As predicted, we have had new faces arrive. Everyone please welcome Mirus, Rhi, Stang, and Jake to the Nighthawk!
Rhace/Mirus -> Nighthawk from Qel Droma.
Emily/Rhi -> Nighthawk from Qel Droma.
Stang -> Nighthawk (New Recruit) Jake -> Nighthawk (New Recruit) With our new additions, I see many great things in our future. Check out what they’ve brought to the table already, as well as what we are doing down below.

Ood Bnar

Clusters of Fire x 1384
Cluster of Ice x 2
Crescent w/Sapphire x 1
Crescent w/Ruby x 1
Crescent w/Emerald x 1
Crescent w/Topaz x 1
Pendant of Blood x 5
Anteian Cross x 1!
Grand Cross x 1!

Clusters of Fire x 1466
Clusters of Earth x 473
Crescent w/Diamond x 1
Crescent w/Amethyst x 2
Crescent w/Quartz x 1
Crescent w/Sapphire x 1
Crescent w/Ruby x 1
Legion of the Scholar x 2
Scroll of Indoctrination x 1
Promoted from Battlemaster to Battlelord! (EQ2 -> EQ3)

Rhace Tarrin
Clusters of Fire x 97
Cluster of Ice x 8
Crescent w/Emerald x 1
Scroll of Indoctrination x 1
Promoted from Commander to Lieutenant Colonel! (EQ2 -> EQ3)

Earned his Dark Sage Tactics!
Earned his Dark Sage Warfare!
Clusters of Fire x 1812
Clusters of Earth x 79
Cluster of Ice x 23
Crescent w/Diamond x 2
Crescent w/Sapphire x 1
Crescent w/Amethyst x 3
Crescent w/Topaz x 1
Pendant of Blood x 5

Clusters of Fire x 14

Emily Hune
Clusters of Fire x 119
Clusters of Earth x 20
Cluster of Ice x 2
Crescent w/Emerald x 1
Crescent w/Amethyst x 1
Pendant of Blood x 2
Promoted from Privateer to Raider! (EQ1 -> EQ2)

Clusters of Fire x 2441
Clusters of Earth x 595
Crescent w/Ruby x 2
Crescent w/Sapphire x 1
Crescent w/Amethyst x 4
Crescent w/Emerald x 1
Pendant of Blood x 6

Stang Mach
Earned his Dark Pundit Essentials!
Earned his Dark Pundit Vendetta!
SA Dark Brotherhood Basics
SA Inquisitorius History
SA Essentials 1
SA Essentials 2
SA Essentials 3
SA Essentials 4
SA Essentials 5
SA Essentials 6
SA Comms 1
SA Comms 2
SA Gaming 101
SA Gaming 102
SA Gaming 103
SA Gaming 201
SA Vendetta 1
SA Vendetta 2
SA Vendetta 3
SA Graphics in the Brotherhood
SA GMRG History
SA General Warfare
SA Leadership Rewards
SA Leadership Competitions
Clusters of Fire x 1254
Clusters of Earth x 160
Crescent w/Diamond x 1
Crescent w/Ruby x 2
Crescent w/Sapphire x 1
Crescent w/Amethyst x 2
Legion of the Scholar x 2
Pendant of Blood x 10
Dark Cross x 1!
Anteian Cross x 2!
Promoted from Initiate to Acolyte! (N1 -> JM2)

Jake Blazer
Clusters of Fire x 219
Clusters of Earth x 404
Pendant of Blood x 6
Dark Cross x 1!
Promoted from Initiate to Proselyte! (N1 -> N4)

SA GMRG History
Clusters of Fire x 517
Clusters of Earth x 585
Crescent w/Ruby x 1
Pendant of Blood x 9
Anteian Cross x 1!
Promoted from Neophyte to Hunter! (JM1 -> JM3)


Battleteam Comps:
Arconan Flash Series

Arcona Gaming Dominance
Two more Nighthawk - specific competitions.

Other Comps:
Competitions, yo!

We are a very active battleteam, this is a fact. We show that every time these activity reports come out. Our newest additions are showing that as well. Stang is leading that charge with an explosion of activity after just joining, destroying everything he can get his hands on. I want to remind you guys, that is something we love to see, but not something we require for one huge reason: we hate burnout. Whatever you guys do, enjoy yourselves!

As always, if you have any requests for certain types of competitions or activities, tell Mako or I! We are here to help you have fun and be active within the Brotherhood.

Lastly, the newest of the years is upon us. Get your lipstick and alcohol ready, as it’s time for some drunken kisses to accompany you into the new year. Make some resolutions, and strive to be awesome! Feel free to share them in the Nighthawk Telegram group!

Oh, and keep kickin’ their arse!


P.S. - I still really do want to see pictures of snowmen and snow angels on Telegram!!


So, uhm, just give me a minute here to get over the shock and awe over how much you bunch of crazies did this past month. Seriously though you all are insane, never change. So massive levels of activity and just all around pwnage aside, we rocked the RO. We worked together as a team planning our moves together in Telegram and we killed it. Moving on, let's talk about competitions, you guys have had a taste of what me and warp can cook up, you seem to enjoy it, but you have an idea over a competition that you want to do then drop us a line. We are here to serve you. It is our job to provide for you the types of activities that you enjoy doing and participating in. So drop us a line ladies and gents. Now since we are talking about competitions I sense a great strife coming upon us soon, well sense and my inbox told me. Attention Crew of the Nighthawk, prepare yourself for an incoming event, details to be provided via your friendly local Quaestor in the nearish future.

Well with all that said I will sign off for now. Keep kicking some serious tail, and remember to have fun while doing so!

Arcona Invicta
Nighthawk For the Win!

~Mako “Medal Bling Bling” Henymory~

WOOOOOO great job everyone, and Wally, FIRST!

Dat list. This is the best Battleteam I've ever been in.

stares Fly on, 'hawk. Fly on. :P


We are the hyoe

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