Nighthawk Report #06


Nighthawk Report #06

First and foremost, I want to apologize! This report is coming to you extremely late, over a week to be exact, and I take the full hit for that. If you’re looking for excuses: I was moving houses and preparing to deploy/deploying. If you are not, well then slap my wrist and let’s move on!

There are plenty of things to do, as our leadership continues to put out new and exciting things. Take a look at the competition list later on in the report. Out of all of them, I expect some entries to the Nighthawk Open Fiction! It’s your place to develop your character while establishing his/her place onboard the Nighthawk, as well as progressing the Nighthawk story further.

Maybe not a transfer, but we have had a movement within the Battle Team. Emily Hune (Rhi) has stepped down from the Battle Team Sergeant role, to better focus on real life. Please wish her well, and keep a look out for those times when she is around.

Ood Bnar
Crescent w/Ruby x 1

Arcia Cortel
Clusters of Fire x 7
Cluster of Ice x 6
Crescent w/Emerald x 3

Ernordeth Puer-Irae
Clusters of Fire x 1000
Clusters of Earth x 303
Crescent w/Amethyst x 1
Crescent w/Topaz x 1
Pendant of Blood x 2

Rhace Tarrin
Clusters of Fire x 24

Emily Hune
Clusters of Fire x 14

Rulvak Qurroc
Clusters of Fire x 612
Clusters of Earth x 332
Cluster of Ice x 1
Crescent w/Diamond x 2
Crescent w/Amethyst x 2
Crescent w/Topaz x 1
Crescent w/Ruby x 2
Crescent w/Quartz x 1
Pendant of Blood x 5
Earned a Dark Cross! (Yay!)
Promoted from Warrior to Battlemaster (EQ1 -> EQ2!) (Congratulations!)

Clusters of Earth x 7

Kharoc Garrlan
Clusters of Earth x 14
Pendant of Blood x 1

Stang Mach
Clusters of Fire x 835

Clusters of Fire x 488
Clusters of Earth x 248
Crescent w/Sapphire x 1
Earned a Anteian Cross! (Yay!)

Jake Blazer
Clusters of Fire x 191
Clusters of Earth x 99
Promoted from Neophyte to Hunter (J1 -> J3!) (Congratulations!)


Battleteam Comps:
Nighthawk Open Fiction


Other Comps:
Arcona Gaming Dominance
...and a ton of other competitions, yo!

As I stated in the opener waaay up at the top, I have recently been going through some life changes. This happens to all of us! Don’t forget to take time out of your day for your family and for yourself. For some of you, that time might be here, and for others, it may be just taking a break from the everyday tasks. Relax, and enjoy yourself! I highly encourage you to write or game (if that is what you enjoy), as you can do that with members here. Of course, don’t restrict yourselves. Game with other friends too, or even go hiking for that matter. I, for one, really would like to go skydiving! What are some things you would like to do? Tell me more in comments below, in an email, or even in Telegram!

Until next time,



This could be you! Find out more by contacting Braecen, Wuntila, and Rulvak. (myself)

Very good work, Warp. You currently have all of your members active & contributing to the Battle Team. Excited to see where the Nighthawk goes next!

Great stuff! Love seeing the team this active! Need to see more Clusters of Ice, though!

Just chip the ice off Arcia's heart. You'll get all the clusters you need :-p

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