Nighthawk Report #07


Nighthawk Report #07

Welcome to the April report for Battleteam Nighthawk! As we are about to enter May (and all the celebrations), I hope you are all ready for your marathons! Take some time, spend it with loved ones, and drop by to come see us! (We miss you!)

A lot of you are busy, as am I, but do not forget to take some time for yourself! We would love to have you come around and hang out with us. Write with us. Share ideas with us. Game with us. We just want to see your shining light! On that note, we have had an opportunity to write a fiction (without a required prompt or word limit/restriction), and we have not gotten many submissions. I can understand time constraints, but if you cannot think of something to write, then ask! There are plenty of people that can come up with a prompt if you have no clue what to write. Be creative, this is your blank canvas!

We have had a wee one join our ranks. Let’s bring him up well, and show him some love!
Shawnathan Do’Urden Galeres -> Nighthawk

Ood Bnar

Arcia Cortel
Earned a Seal of Loyalty! (Grats!)
Earned a Dark Cross! (Yay!)

Ernordeth Puer-Irae
Clusters of Fire x 943
Clusters of Earth x 375
Crescent w/Emerald x 2
Crescent w/Amethyst x 2

Rhace Tarrin
Clusters of Fire x 5

Emily Hune
Clusters of Fire x 2

Rulvak Qurroc
Clusters of Fire x 632
Clusters of Earth x 728
Crescent w/Diamond x 1
Crescent w/Amethyst x 2
Crescent w/Emerald x 2
Crescent w/Ruby x 3
Crescent w/Sapphire x 1


Kharoc Garrlan
Clusters of Fire x 68
Pendant of Blood x 1

Stang Mach
Clusters of Fire x 535
Crescent w/Sapphire x 1
Crescent w/Emerald x 1

Clusters of Fire x 276
Clusters of Earth x 417
Crescent w/Amethyst x 2
Crescent w/Emerald x 1

Jake Blazer
Clusters of Fire x 133
Clusters of Earth x 150
Crescent w/Sapphire x 1

Shawnathan Do’Urden
SA Dark Brotherhood Basics
SA Essentials 2: Departments
SA Essentials 3: Paths & Orders
SA Essentials 4: Ranks
SA Essentials 5: Organization
Promoted from Proselyte to Neophyte (NV4 -> JM1!) (Congratulations!)


Battleteam Comps:
Nighthawk Open Fiction (Ends in less than 12 hours!)


Other Comps:
Arcona Gaming Dominance
...and a ton of other competitions, yo!

As many of you know, I have deployed. Managing time has gotten a bit harder, and no matter what, I still find time to come and chat with you guys! It’s not that I have to, I just enjoy your company. Gaming with everyone has gotten a bit harder (though Armags has been getting a bit more time!), and I am still trying to get to play with you all. Regardless of the time zone change, and loss of amount of time I have to devote, I still am here for anyone who needs help. Please feel free to message me on Telegram anytime!

Until next time,



This could be you! Find out more by contacting Braecen, Wuntila, and Rulvak. (myself)

Great report boss!

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