Nighthawk Report #1


Nighthawk Report #1


Report #1… again


It’s funny, but, 05/10/2015 was the last time I posted a report as the Nighthawk Battleteam Leader. I wanted to start out by saying thank you to Xenna. Five months of leading the team is no small task and we appreciate her for everything she’s done in service to the Battleteam and House. With Xenna choosing to step down, the House Summit has asked me to step into the role, to bear the mantle and keep Nighthawk moving forward. To that end I will be detailing some of the impending changes to the team.

What is the Nighthawk Battleteam? It’s one of the biggest questions I’ve been looking at. What does it represent? What are its members all about? To find answers to this very question, I began by looking at a few statistics.

  • Club Wide Clusters of Fire earned: 324373

  • Clusters of Fire earned by the Nighthawk Battleteam: 30984

  • Club wide Clusters of Earth earned: 281283

  • Clusters of Earth earned by the Nighthawk Battleteam: 26051

Based on the statistics above, Nighthawk has one of the prolific and active group of gamers in the Brotherhood. Nearly 10 percent of all Clusters of Fire earned in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood belong to the Nighthawk Battleteam, which I am damn proud of. Though gaming is not all we do, this does give us some insight into what we do best.



While I have spoken to each of you via Telegram about this, it’s important to note that the Nighthawk team is available to any member within Arcona who has an interest in joining us. I do however want any member who is a part of the Battleteam to be involved, even if it’s just via conversation or by being present. In that vein we had a few members who were either not currently able to invest as much time as they wanted or were not in a position to be part of the Battleteam.

So I wanted to say thank you to a few folks who knew they didn’t have the time or interest to be involved currently. I hope as real life and your interest comes around we will see each of you as part of the Nighthawk crew again.

  • Mateus Kelborn

  • Vivibelle Baenre

  • Jake Blazer

  • Mac

I also wanted to welcome Rodimus Morell back to Arcona and into the Nighthawk team. Welcome aboard Rod, we’re glad to have you!

Gaming Information from our very own Rulvak:

Gaming wise: Destiny 2 is in Closed Beta, which moves to open beta on Saturday, July 21st. The game releases for PS4 and XBone on September 6th. The release date for PC is October 24th. If anyone is looking for someone to help guide and play with them, look no farther than Warp! He will be doing Destiny 2 on PS4 and there's a good chance on PC as well!



Fiction Competitions:

Gaming Competitions:



We are going to be doing some updates to the Nighthawk Wikipedia. If anyone is willing to look it over and make suggestions let me know. I’d love any feedback. Nighthawk.

A few things we’re seeking to update:

  • Transfer the Nighthawk ship information to a separate entry to focus on the team.
  • Clarify what the Nighthawk team does fictionally within the Brotherhood and the role it fulfills for House Galeres.

Keep up the great work everyone! See you next time!



Nice report! Can't wait to see everything that is in store for us as we move forward with the new ship and the GJW! The Nighthawk will prevail! =P

Hello again, Captain. :P

I'm really excited to see Nighthawk redefine itself and proud of our gaming, buttkicking team. Thank you to Xenna, Donny, and everyone.

P.S. your ship has a squadron named Darkwing. You flyboys enjoy that.

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