Nighthawk Report #11


Nighthawk Report #11


Welcome to the Nighthawk Report #11, everyone! It’s been a busy couple of weeks and the Captain is on leave because of some RL stuff. So I’m in charge. Floggings all around. Let’s get into to the report.


Operation: Revival

The House Run-On is back up and running. We want to see everyone posting. Don’t forget to qualify for participation there is a minimum of two post at 250+ words per post. It ends on the November 25th, so let’s get those post done.


So the other BTs, Houses, and Clans know why Nighthawk is the best.


Celevon is still driving this forward in full force. Make sure you request a contract to keep your writing skills up to par and learn to write from a prompt, which many DB wide vendettas do! Use the Contract Request Form to get started!

Strange and Beautiful

This little gem seems to have been frozen in carbonite. We’ll eventually thaw her out and give her the lovin’ she needs!


No transfers.


Knock Knock, who’s there? Lots’o! Lots’o who?? Lots’o Shinies!

Awards since previous report (11/07/2014) -

Arcia Cortel:

  • Cluster of Fire x 61
  • Crescent w/ Amethyst Star
  • Pendant of Blood

Sight Nortorshin:

  • Pendant of Blood
  • Cluster of Fire x 62

Rrogon Skar:

  • Cluster of Fire x 36

Antar Locke:

  • Cluster of Fire x 5


  • Crescent w/ Emerald Star



  • Markdown 101
  • ToR Basics


As always, here’s your competition list!



Well. Well. Well. I’m in charge. It’s about time. There are a couple of things I wanted to talk about.

Firstly, I want to mention that Uji is back! I don’t know why I didn’t say anything in the last report, but hey welcome back! I apologize for not saying something earlier.

Next, Join me in congratulating Arcia on EQ3, if you haven’t already! I would have said it in the last report but, my bit was done before the promotion came through. Hurry back buddy!

We only have two days left on the House RO! Get those qualifying post in!

Also, Thanks for bearing with me until the boss gets back.

Until next time! Signing off!


Antar Locke Commander

Nice report Antar! Who needs Esca anyway? :P

Someone's asking for brig time.

Good stuff, Antar!

Awesome report big man, love to see some XO action ;)

Nice report boss man

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