Nighthawk Report #2


Nighthawk Report #2


Welcome to another report from the Captain's Desk, this time with graphics! (Thank you Mirus!)


With the ACC Fading Light event going on in full force, there is a lot of activity for those who have signed up. If you are part of the event, make sure you get your posts in on time and have them proofed by more than one other person. Plenty of people willing and available to read over and offer assistance. Just make sure you don't use any direct examples they offer! Use your own words!

If you are not participating in Fading Light, make sure you keep yourself busy by either gaming for CFs, submitting to competitions or check with the House/Clan summit for any active projects that need assistance.


The ACC bracket is coming to a Round 1 end with only one completed battle left to judge - Teroch's! Best wishes to his potential victory. Our very own Antar fought his best, but barely succumbed to defeat at the hands of Silent. Better luck next time and great job with your performance! It was a close one. There are a few timed out battles that have yet to show advancement, so stay tuned!

Round 2 will be gearing up soon enough and those with byes will get to show off what they are capable of! Keep your eyes on the news feed for when the next round begins and good luck to all!


Congratulations go to Antar on his promotion to Guardian! You're almost there, keep up the great work!

Awards since previous report -

Arcia Cortel:

  • 107 Clusters of Fire
  • 1 Pendant of Blood

Azler Wilder:

  • Crescent with Emerald Star

Sight Nortorshin:

  • 212 Clusters of Fire
  • 1 Pendant of Blood
  • Crescent with Emerald Star
  • Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • Crescent with Quartz Star

Rrogon Skar:

  • 1 Antien Cross
  • 57 Clusters of Fire

Antar Locke:

  • 14 Clusters of Fire
  • 2 Crescents with Topaz Star
  • Promotion to Guardian!

Great job everyone. Keep up the great work. Loving to see all these awards go out!


Arcia Cortel

  • ACC Qualification

Antar Locke:

  • Leadership Studies
  • Dark Brotherhood History 1


We've had a few new boots hit the deck recently, please welcome:


Hawk Tales #1 has finished with the following results:

  1. Azler Wilder
  2. Antar Locke
  3. Sight Nortorshin

The following is a list of competitions available for the crew:


Wow! Great work everyone.

Just want to make sure everyone knows that we still have our Strange and Beautiful run-on going. I posted a rather lengthy post to get us back on track, so make sure you go and have a read so you can also participate.

Keep up the activity and be sure to hop on IRC when you can to chat and keep up to date with everything Nighthawk, Galeres and Arcona!

Signing off,


Nice report Esca :3

Sorry I couldn't get an entry into your competition :(

I will try and get a run-on post out this weekend if my brain isn't too frazzled from work.


Haha I win ;p great report boss man. Excited for the things to come and things going on :)

Well, if this doesn't just hit the spot, am I right?!

Nice work, Nighthawk.

dat gfx

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