Odan-Urr March Aedile Report


Odan-Urr March Aedile Report


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This year has seen a staggering growth of House Odan-Urr. Not only have we surpassed our previous membership numbers, but we've ramped up our activity, too. In the Bosthrida Runon, we held some of the most impressive participation numbers, giving us a competitive edge against the other clouses. Only a few days ago, we have seen the opening of a new unit, centered around diplomacy, negotiation and healing to keep up with the swelling of our numbers. We're also only a few small steps from clanning, something that has always been our one, major goal since we have opened House Odan-Urr as the first Light Side House within the Brotherhood. That said, this Report will cover a variety of topics; I'll be focusing specifically on putting the new major House event, Liberation: Tides of Freedom in the spotlight, and what you can do to help the House.


Liberation: Tides of Freedom

The long-awaited continuation to our major House storyline has arrived. Still centered around our Battleteams, and the events that unfolded in their previous events, this series kicks off from where the Knights of Allusis left off. With the opening of a new Battle Team, many have asked if they are excluded from the events (Being members of the Disciples of Baas.) I am glad to say this isn't true; any and all entries will be accepted and counted, even if you don't belong to a particular Battle Team. Also, if the outline given to you in the competition briefing isn't to your liking, you may feel free to forge your own beginnings to the adventure. The deadline for the first wave of events will commence tonight (March 30th,) with the next wave starting soon!

New Members!

This month, we've seen massive growth, which continues our 2014 trend. In addition, we have had staggering amounts of members, both old and new join our ranks. Let's take a moment to thank these members for joining at our time of excellence!

  • Sentinel Watchman Lambow.

  • Jedi Knight Sanarai Iridana.

  • Jedi Knight Rhiann Baenre.

  • Apprentice Anne-Marie.

  • Apprentice Darak.

  • Sentinel Ranger Daniel Stephens.

  • Jedi Knight Zeon Blacktooth.

Fading Light: Antei Combat Center

Since the Bosthirda event in which we have written three well-constructed RunOns, we have shown tremendous teamwork and an insane drive to see our House succeed. However, our work is not yet done, as we have discovered the Brotherhood's next plans for their operation entitled "Fading Light." In the form of an ACC championship ladder, the next event will be soley on this combat writing platform. I urge all of you to get qualified beforehand, in order to show the Brotherhood that we have become a formidable opponent. There isn't an exact date, but we suspect it will be held within the coming months. Let it be known that many Bothans died to bring you this information.

If you want to qualify, there's no better place to look than the Shadow Academy. In it, you will find two new courses, the ACC Fundamentals Course and the ACC Qualification Exam. Completion of both of these is all you need to qualify. No longer will you need to track down a member to challenge in a qualification duel. The completion of these two simple courses will launch you from the Shadow Academy, directly into the Antei Combat Center.


Design or document an addition to New Tython's Flora and Fauna! This first competition in the series focuses on the Flora and Fauna of Kamuekiko.

Entries must be written in a wiki-ready format. However, as creativity plays a factor, you may also include options such as images (Or links to the images,) quotes (Excerpts from a journal or holo entry, for example,) or in-depth details that fit readily into sub-headers. These will be used in the wiki after being proofread, and contribute greatly in a competition-run project.

Liberation: Tides of Freedom

House-Wide Competitions

Brotherhood-Wide Competitions


  • Aerin Taggart was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight!

  • Darak was promoted to the rank of Apprentice!

  • Turel Sorenn was promoted to the rank of Defender!

  • Mirus Hi'ija was promoted to the rank of Guardian Warden!

  • Seridan Brehevik was promoted to the rank of Padawan!

  • Rhiann Baenre was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight!

  • Brain The Fist was promoted to the rank of Defender!

  • Anne-marie was promoted to the rank of Apprentice!


  • Brain The Fist was awarded 422 Clusters of Fire, an Anetian Cross and 2 Pendants of Blood!

  • Tinkles The Hutt was awarded 247 Clusters of Fire!

  • Turel Sorenn was awarded 279 Clusters of Fire and a Crescent with Sapphire Star!

  • Kah Manet was awarded 15 Clusters of Fire and a Crescent with Emerald Star!

  • Aerin Taggart was awarded a Crescent with Ruby Star, an Anetian Cross, 2 Pendants of Blood and 79 Clusters of Fire!

  • Rangel was awarded 15 Clusters of Fire!

  • Adeodatus was awarded 5 Clusters of Fire!

  • Revak Kur was awarded 10 Clusters of Fire and a Crescent with Quartz Star!

  • V'yr Vorsa was awarded a Legion of the Scholar and 5 Clusters of Fire!

  • JScumm was awarded a Pendant of Blood and a Crescent with Amethyst Star!

  • Rhiann Baenre was awarded 47 Clusters of Fire!

  • Seridan Brehevik was awarded 10 Clusters of Fire, a Crescent with Emerald Star and a Steel Cross!

  • Telghar Vishkah was awarded 5 Clusters of Fire!

  • Mirus Hi'ija was awarded 44 Clusters of Fire, a Crescent with Topaz Star and a Pendant of Blood!

  • Krandon Lucian Firebringer was awarded 201 Clusters of Fire, 4 Clusters of Ice and 2 Pendants of Blood!

  • Ji was awarded 251 Clusters of Fire!

  • Sa Ool was awarded 6 Clusters of Fire!

  • A'lora Kituri was awarded 282 Clusters of Fire and a Pendant of Blood!

  • Sanarai Iridana was awarded 24 Clusters of Fire and 2 Clusters of Ice!

  • Kaira Rohana was awarded 11 Clusters of Fire and a Crescent with Sapphire Star!

  • Sight Notorshin was awarded 67 Clusters of Fire!

  • Liam Torun was awarded a Crescent with Topaz Star!


That concludes the House Odan-Urr Aedile Report covering the month of March. If you haven't read through it, here's a brief outline:


  • Liberation: Tides of Freedom is Live!

  • Fading Light Continues!


  • So many new members!

Ask the Aedile!

As my latest trend, I have asked members in #Odan-Urr to provide some questions for this Report. Here are the responses:

Brain The Fist asks:

"Being new to the DJB and HOU, what would you recommend a new member to focus on?"

As a new member, I would normally reccommend taking a look at your Promotion Requirements to move on to the next rank. These play an integral role in streamlining the path to Knighthood. If you need further instructions, don't hesitate to contact your Summit! Also, I would reccommend participating in large-scale events. Participating in these can get you valuable rewards.

Mirus asks:

"Are there any plans for new projects for people to sink their teeth into?"

Indeed there are! Currently, we do have a few that are able to be granted upon request. The best way to get your hands on one is to contact myself, along with the Summit via email. Give us a brief outline of your strengths and weaknesses so we can find one that best suits you.

"Is there a good way for people to get themselves involved in the House fiction?"

As a general rule, outstanding performance will often get you featured in House Fictions. In addition, some events will have the winning fictions featured in the new Member Spotlight Fiction Archives! Take a look at the beginning of this Report for more details.

Turel asks:

"What does the house summit look for in prospective leaders?"

Generally, we look for impressive leadership qualities. While this is a broad subject, member performance does count towards the selection process. Members who have shown previous leadership experience (Outside of offical positions,) will also be looked at. This includes work on projects, or Runon organization. A vocal, helpful demeanour will help massively, as well.

"Can I have a pony?"

Did you submit an entry to have ponies added to New Tython through the Flora and Fauna of New Tython: Kamuekiko competition? DID YOU?!?

Rhiann asks:

"Can I have non-poisonous cookies?"

Cookies lead to the Dark Side, so we make every effort to discourage the consumption of such fine... delicious...

What where you asking?

Heeeeeeell yeah. This is a badass and highly informative report. On top of this, two Jedi Knights in a month and around 1000 Clusters of Fire? That's what I like to see.


Aw man. If I can't have cookies, what can I have?

HOU is showing awesome activity. Keep up the great work, all :-)

Hmmmm ... it was a slow month for me .. Sorry guys ... I'll pick it up next month... and I won't even mention the omission this time lol

Too many lighties. When do we bomb them again?

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