Odan-Urr Rollmaster Report - April 2015


Odan-Urr Rollmaster Report - April 2015

Clan Odan-Urr

Rollmaster Report - 27 April 2015


  • Sentinel Network

  • Satele Shan

  • Rollmaster’s Corner

  • Sins of the Father

Sentinel Network

The next Clan event is on the horizon...

From the Unknown Regions of space, a new threat turns its gaze towards us...

Our first line of defense, the Sanctuary space station, may be our last.

Four days remain.

Satele Shan

Ji is one of the most important figures in our Clan’s history, one of our original founders, and I would like to take this time to thank him for his efforts in opening and establishing House Satele Shan. He has determined that he would have difficulty giving you all the time you deserve, and has elected to step down. It is not an easy decision to make, and I respect him for it.

Solari has been appointed as Quaestor of Satele Shan, with Mar Sul as his Aedile. This leaves an opportunity for someone to lead the Disciples of Baas, one of the battleteams of Satele Shan.

If you are interested, please send an application to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Rollmaster’s Corner

You may have noticed that I skipped last month’s report entirely. In fact, this one has very little from me.

The Quaestor and Aedile teams in both Houses have done an excellent job of handling newcomers and Journeymen, and the transition from “1x Rollmaster does everything” to “2x Quaestors and 2x Aediles do everything” has gone really well, and a lot faster than I expected. This has left me questioning what I do here. With transparency being a big concern of the powers that be, I feel I need to spell out my duties, at least for my own benefit.

I co-judge the Tales and Sentinel Network competitions, can hand out news if others don’t beat me to it, and I welcome every newcomer to the Clan before assigning them a House (yes, it’s a manual action). I keep an eye on activity and awards, I watch what happens, I stick my nose in with advice when asked or when I feel it is necessary (though I do try not to overstep the line between Clan and House), and I am here to provide the best support and advice I can. I’ve also picked up work with the new Character Sheet system, and have a couple of pet projects in and out of the Clan I’ve neglected for too long. Ultimately, however, there is one reason above all others why I am disconnected. It isn’t the workload, it’s the worker.

I am far too quiet, but beyond that, I hate Nathan. I originally conceived him as a non-combat, utility character, thinking it’d be cool to be left of centre. It is, and it has potential, but I wasn’t using it. My own fault more than anything else. My original character, D’hak, was a character I really loved playing. I really should do something about this.

Sins of the Father

In light of every other Clan Summit member having their chain of events to provide to the Clan, I think it is time for me to launch something that I’ve had brewing for quite a long while, part of my own personal narrative. I have literally dozens of half-finished stories, encompassing every primary and secondary character I’ve created over the last sixteen years, and I think it is time to take a different approach to writing them.

Please note, that several of these events are more personal character development / my own story arc for the foreseeable future - though there will be some major Clan-impacting events far in the future.

I had some difficulties with presentation, so I have shifted this across to the forums; this will allow me to build the narrative more frequently, build a better character, and present this in the way I wish to see it. Please do not post in my thread.

I’m in the “movie trailer” stage while I finish storyboarding. Bear in mind that trailers aren’t my forte - being a graphics bad ass is an attribute more for those with trees and tentacles, but anyone else wanting to flex their graphics muscles in a fun competition should check out this one right here.

For those who want to see what Nathan’s future - and past - hold for Odan-Urr, this is the thread.


  • Sentinel Network: May 1st.

  • Satele Shan leadership changes and opportunity

  • What do I do here?

  • Sins of the Father

Short and Sweet.

Looking forward to reading more of your fiction dude!

Awesome stuff! Can't wait to see where it leads...

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