Of these things, he'll never tire - HMR QUA micro-report


Of these things, he'll never tire - HMR QUA micro-report

A brief report, wherein Muz talks a little bit about various fictional things, welcomes several older members back to the clan after some time away, brags up on the placings of Ragnosians in competitions, and bemoans the lack of time that precluded a proper report and fiction. ..next time, i promise.


As we are wrapping up the Seige of Heaven event (Final Chapter ends this Saturday!), and the House has retaken and rebuilt the city of Kar Alabrek, the clan has had a refocus on their fictional reality. There have been several rounds of discussion regarding the various thematic elements in play there, but the question is 'what comes next?'. Never fear, your summit has you covered. Riku, Bentre and I have already started working up an expedition event for January (dates to be firmed up) that will be more than just a few fictions, although there will be plenty of that for those who are interested as well. This event will bring a few different angles for characters to play, and every event and your placing in it (or lack thereof) will have an impact in the official fiction. This is a cool way to get your character featured, even if you don't much care for the writing portion of what we do in the club.

There's also a big thread about the resurgence of Dlarit vs the Orian Assembly, and how the Clan fictionally governs yet maintains their secrecy in the universe. it has a lot of viewpoints shown there, and I won't really weigh in here (as that is for the mailer!), but I encourage everyone to go have a read and put your two cents in.

Of minor trivia-ish note, this little report will count as my 400th news post/report posted to the site. Holy crap.


Recently, a bunch of old-school CNS folks have found their way back. I'll go over the broad strokes, but don't hesitate to talk to them on Telegram or whatever, as they are some pretty awesome folks.
• Raistlin Sadow, former summit member, son of Sadow and CoG. We called him the OG of CNS way back in the day, and his character is a filthy rich gambling mercenary-type. Raist knows his way around writing and gaming comps pretty well.
• Shimura Keibatsu, A half-Zabrak cousin in the Keibatsu lineage from back when HLK was a thing, Shimura has always been ultra-violent, super aggressive, and brutal without measure. He is definitely one of the guys that You want on your side when the fisticuffs break out.
• Shi Kensei - Perhaps better known as Shi Long, Tsainetomo Keibatsu, or Afro, Shi is a Son of Sadow and was the Consul that helped CNS earn their clanhood back a few years ago. He is an excellent writer, and his conflicted sword-saint character is pretty well nuanced.

Also, new to the fold is Aiden Kyja and Liarah. Everybody make sure to take a moment and make them feel welcome (although they aren't exactly new any more)



Armad got third place in the GOH Ship Arena for December
Shimura (who just came back and has been smoking the SA, also won first place in Brothers (and Sisters) in arms
Firith'rar Placed first, and Riku placed third in the Secret Sang-ta event
Inyri won first place for the chapter 4 Seige of Heaven event. (CHAPTER FIVE ENDS SATURDAY, GET IT DONE!!!)
Tasha scored second place in Star Conflict
Keep playing in comps, everybody. It is an easy way to rack up prestige and credits for the cool toys that everyone wants. (also, it gives us something tot alk about, and hones your skills for feuds and wars, so there is that!)


So while this is a short report (dang holidays!), there still are a number of things going on out there. Please take a moment and check them out (and hit Chapter five at https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/11659 if you are so inclined) and try to enjoy what little is left of this year. Have a safe and happy new year's celebration, and I'll see you on the flip side.

Have fun!


Great mini report and welcome back to our returnees!

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