On darkened wings


On darkened wings

A report, wherein an old Grand Master comes out of retirement, bringing a historic battleteam out of retirement with him. Includes your daily nutritional requirements for fictional background and central concepts for the team.

The Fallen Spear
Undisclosed location, Deep Space

The soundbyte replayed on the viewscreen, the report of a lightsaber shorting out the soldier's commlink and his lie at the same moment. He stood there, a tempest of emotion burning behind blackened eyes.

They had found them. The last of the One Sith, a hive of cruelty and hatred. He had been hunting them for the last year, leaving the politics of the cursed throne behind him in favor of the more visceral work. He turned from the viewscreen, eyes sliding across the wall of trophies he had taken from them in this campaign, sabers and bits of armor mounted to the wall in reverence of worthy foes. He paused, staring at them and yet nothing.

She stepped toward him, the warpaint already smeared and fading from the nightsister's face. "He was a good captain."

"The Nihilgenia was not my thought." He stepped forward, contemplation crossing his next move. There was no support from the Throne, there couldn't be. The clans had lost the flavor of war against the One Sith during their long campaign. Half of them would rather that the name of Muz Ashen never be uttered again. Not after Antei. Not after Korriban.

Yet, this threat persisted.

"Open a channel to Sepros."

This morning
Auxillary Level 9, Subsector 3
Kar Alabrek, Tarthos

The door opened with a deep groan, light casting harshly across the room, empty save for cobwebs and dust. He walked into the center, Ashia standing in the doorway, watching him curiously. A quarter mile below ground, surrounded by nothing but durasteel and rock, memory had lost this sector.

The screaming of energized adegan filled their ears as he thumbed the activation switch, the violet light illuminating his way. The power had been off for years, but that would be easy enough to remedy, as was the holonet connection that never was completed. Hallways stood at either side of the room, leading down to rooms that could serve as a medbay, a barracks, and armory. Small though it was, it was suited well for his needs. Locke and Sanguinius delivered on their oaths, yet again.

He nodded at Ashia.

The Night Hawks would fly again.


One of the traditional battleteams of House Marka Ragnos has been the Night Hawks. With a history reaching over ten years of service, the concept has been through myriad transformations: from Special Ops to Krath Sorcery Specialists. It has been the home of many legends of the Brotherhood, from Darth Aeternus and Mejas Doto to Trevarus Caerick and Arion Sunrider. It was my home in Marka Ragnos as well, and after some conversation with Sanguinius and Locke, we felt it was a good place for me to return to.

Here's where I would typically do a bit about myself, to tell you who I am, what I have done, and why I am going to do this job. Frankly, I am not going to waste your time with any of that. Who I am and what I am doing here is not the important part, and let me tell you why.

Of traditions, the Night Hawks have many. But the most important one is friendship. Some of the best friends I have had in this club came from my days in the Night Hawks, and I intend to restore that as a primary focus. Some of the best fun I have had came from those times, and I intend to recreate that for each and every one of us that comes to join me here. We are all at our best when we are having fun, when we are driving toward the same goal, and we have our friends with us. That is where I am taking this. And I want you to come do it with me.

So, what are the Night Hawks?

In character, we are a team of Ragnosians who band together to hunt the few remaining, yet very dangerous, One Sith. Other assignments will come from the Quaestor and Consul, no doubt, but our primary mission is to combat this threat and take their spoils for the house and clan.

Out of character, it will bring veterans and new members together to both teach the new generation how to own events like fiction, runon and graphics in wartime and reignite the fire in the old generation, reminding them how to have fun in the club again.

Communication is a big element here. We will make use of emails, IRC and telegram, but i will create an in-character telegram channel for RP purposes, and host regular G+ hangouts to keep us all on the same road.

I have said for years that battleteams are where the rubber meets the road in the Brotherhood. I am putting my money where my mouth is.

Once this report goes live, the summit will have already rebuilt the Night Hawks in the database, and it will be possible to put in for a transfer via email. If you feel like you have the same goals as I do, please come on over.

Thank you for your time.


Oh man. Night Hawks all the way. :D Great to see you and the BT back, Muz. :) Good luck and have fun.

Whoo! There ain't no rest for the wicked

I am down!


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