Operation: Antiquity - RESULTS


Operation: Antiquity - RESULTS

After our month long event with our friends in Naga Sadow, it's time to announce the results of Operation: Antiquity. With a total of 235 entries from 33 different members, the event was fairly successful by all estimations. After all the results have been tallied, Ciara of CNS came out as the top point earner with 203 points! Rounding out the podium are Scudi of Plagueis with 179 points and Hilgrif of CNS with 168 points. Way to go folks! Below are the remainder of the top 10:

4th- Muz

5th - Tahiri

6th - Khyrso

7th - Kojiro

8th - Furios

9th -Takagari

10th - Xolarin

I must say working with Bentre and the others in CNS was a great pleasure as was interacting with a number of folks from CNS I hadn't before in our group chat. I really like doing cooperative events like this and this one was no different. Thanks for all your hard work folks and lets do this again some time! I have a funny feeling we'll both be revisiting Reliquary in the future.

Congrats to all, and well done to the organizers and everyone participating!

Congratulations to everyone in the top ten! I hope you all enjoyed the event.

good job folks

Well done folks.

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