Operation Defiance


Operation Defiance

This is the long awaited report for All the Grey's and Grey Wolf, Operation Defiance will begin on the 1st of October. There are two comps, which myself and Lev are going to put up for you Guys, and the most important thing of all which I would urge you to join is the Google Group which Lev gave out at the beginning of last week, we have from the 1st of October are starting a Study Group to expand our knowledge of the Grey Order. I have permission from the Head Master to use the course notes for the Grey Order, and we can use them to discuss what we are and how we can develop our characters. I hope that you can join in the fun and discussion, and is my wish that we all enjoy what we have put together, and that we all learn a lot from it.

I like to Welcome our newest Member to our little family of Greys Mei'Ka Welcome !!!


Lev Grey Jedi Order WELL DONE keep it up !!!!


Dazta for entering the following Packman and Pazaak WELL DON FOR ENTERING


Lev 1st Place Flight Training

Also please sign up for the Plagueis V Tarentum Event which I am sure all of you would of heard of I urge you if you can do what you can that would be GREAT..

So get ready for Operation Defiance and the Clan V Clan Events

Enjoy !!!

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