Order of the Trident Report #1


Order of the Trident Report #1


Alright ladies, welcome to my first report as OoT battle team leader. You guys probably know by now who I am and where I've come from, so let's get down to it.

Call to arms!

We have had some changes in the recent months in terms of what we are fictionally. Fictionally and publicly, our team is comprised of a bunch of military and special forces members under the command of Pel. We advise and command certain groups of Tarentums military forces as well as certain elements of the special forces. But on the private side, while we reside in the Castle, we are peers, there is no rank or file, we take orders only from the Consul himself. We provide security to the Consul and fulfill his wishes.

For those of you out in Tarentum that is looking for a military / special ops battle team, by all means email me or message me on telegram, and we'll get you in the team. We are looking for more people to fill our ranks.

For the Future

Our wiki was started by Khal, but it is lacking in some regards. I want to add more to it, if anyone has any suggestions please email me or PM me on telegram.

Stuff We did

There's been a bunch of stuff that we've done since I took over, so I'm going to gloss over it for now.


  • Plugging away at some SA Courses
  • Got a couple PoB's and CE's


  • Got a Steel Cross
  • Got a bunch of Clusters


  • Started the wiki page for the OoT


  • Joined the team
  • Did some stuff


  • Joined the team


There's quite a few going on over on the competitions page, but we also have the CNS - TAR event starting this week, and I expect you all to participate in some regard. Especially you Khal. You and your bananas. After that event we do have a Great Jedi War on the horizon. Obviously you guys know what that means, a whole butt load of comps and potential promotions.


  • We want you military types
  • We did stuff
  • Khal do work

Until next time


WOOO! We did stuff! We're gonna do more stuff! Go us!

PS. First!

Yay guys! Do all the things!

Stuff? I love stuff. Do it!

Nice report, Fremoc!

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