Pecan Report #1 - Investigation of Elysia


Pecan Report #1 - Investigation of Elysia


Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood Ewok here coming to you live from the bridge of the Taldryan Flagship Axios!

The bulk of this report is going to be primarily centered around the roleplay launching tonight, since the other three reports given out have covered most of the rest. So it will be very, VERY short...and straight to the point.

So without further ado! Here we go!


Investigation on Elysia: Prelude


Un-Classified Intel: Elysia - Perune Moon

Elysia, the largest of the Perune moons, has for as long as the system has known it to be a barren frozen wasteland. During the day, the temperatures would reach a high of -119 celsius, and at night as dangerously low as -271 celsius.

Shortly after establishing themselves in the Caelus system, the Imperials decided it could be worthwhile to utilize what might be under the surface of Elysia in terms of potential resources and began terraforming efforts around its equatorial belt where the temperature was the highest. Though it proved successful, with nearly all of the ice receding and disappearing, the harsh night cold prevented any kind of vegetative growth from taking place.

With the ice gone, these sections of the moon would reach blisteringly high temperatures of 103 degrees celsius, causing additional ice to slowly reciede. Recent investigations have found that sections of ice further out from the equatorial belt have opened into fissures, allowing for movements into the moon itself. Inside were found numerous tropical valleys that survived below the ice, protected from the harsh cold winds and heated from the moon's core.

Also found, was an ancient Jedi temple. The distance from the belt was too great, however, and it was fully encased in ice with temperatures there as low as -319 degrees celsius, preventing most forms of excavation and exploration due to equipment limits. Following the investigation into the regiments sent by Chyron Chancellor Ky'Lian however, it has been found that a microfissure had broken open from closer to the belt and allowed heat to enter this region of the moon's subterranian regions, thawing the entrance to the temple.

With nearly a three day head start, and rumors of a powerful artifact being contained within, the mission is simple:
-Safely enter the Elysia Jedi Temple
-Claim or destroy the artifact at all costs before Ky'Lian's forces can
-Bring an end to Ky'Lian's tyranny and deception within the Caelus system once and for all.
-What other secrets might this temple hold? What secrets does Elysia itself hold?

The Investigation of Elysia...begins now.


Grand Admiral Teebu Nyrrire

Chief of Staff of Clan Taldryan
Admiral of the Fleet

First! I'm looking forward to this! :D

is this an event or just a RP?

@Morax both. Kinda like the Invasion of Kasiya, there's comps and an RP to take part in. :)

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