Plagueis Consul Report: 2/9/2021


Plagueis Consul Report: 2/9/2021


Welcome, everyone, to my latest report! Let's get down to it!


A Feud? A Feud!

That's right, Plagueians: We will be co-hosting another feud with Clan Odan-Urr, complete with two phases. While the feud is untitled as of now, we have the following details:

  • Phase I will begin on February 27th and end on March 13th.
  • Phase II will begin on March 17th and end on March 31st.
  • There will be co-op and versus opportunities against the light siders.
  • There will be twenty competitions in all.
  • This will be a bin system.
  • Winner gets a shiny McGuffin and bragging rights.

I think Plagueis has what it takes to take down COU yet again in a feud. Who's hyped?!


Want to Run a Comp?

I first want to thank Taranae Rhode and Khryso Mallus, our lovely Tyranus summit, for running the awesome House of Games competition for Plagueis. Until the 27th, our schedule for competitions is WIDE OPEN.

If you'd like to run a single comp, a week long series of comps, or even a continuous comp throughout the year, please let us know. We want all members to have a chance to be producers and leaders in the group.

Please email your BTL Aleister if you are in Opress or your Aedile Khryso and Quaestor Tara if you are in Tyranus, should you wish to be a competition organizer.


DB News

And stay tuned for Round 2 of SARLACC!



While I have been impressed with all of you in Plagueis, I particularly want to commend one of our newest members: Sinya Ani. Since joining our clan, she has skyrocketed through the ranks and has recently been promoted to Jedi Hunter.

We on the summit are proud to have Sinya as a member and look forward to seeing what else she can do in the clan.



Kelly asks:

Does Ronovi appreciate Liandry laughing at her puns like Erin does?


What's next in Ronovi's grand plan for building a Sith Empire out of Plagueis?

Yes. An Academy.

Sang asks:

If the consul is the dreadlord, is the proconsul the dreadsquire? Where do dreadnoughts figure into this? Where am I?

The Proconsul is the Dread Lord's wrath, we don't have dreadnaughts, and shhh, it's okay, Gramps. Here's your soup.

Tahiri asks:

What kind of cheese does Ronovi like? Would she be willing to try traditional Togrutian food? Tahiri cooks every once in while.

Whatever the Star Wars equivalent of brie is. Totally not relevant to her creator. Also, is there Togrutian sushi?

Sarai asks:

Does Ronovi have a pet who she travels with?

She does not, but if she did, probably some type of carnivorous hound creature. Like a kath hound.

Aleister asks:

When do we start setting things on fire? Is it ok if we already started?

Now, and yes.


That's all for my report. Don't forget that magic date: February 27th.

It's time to duel feud!

In darkness, Ronovi Tavisaen

Great report Ronovi! So hyped for this feud.

Whoot! Great report Ronovi! Hmmm there's probably a version of Togrutian sushi, on Shili. It's not made out of Togruta, it's just called that :P I can't tell you if there is actual Togrutian sushi, but probably on some cannibalistic planet, or in a ritualistic culture there might be. ;) :p


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