Plagueis Consul Report #7 - Supremacy, Am I Rite?


Plagueis Consul Report #7 - Supremacy, Am I Rite?


Supremacy, Am I Rite?


This will probably be among my shorter reports, mostly because we’re all kind of busy right now with a little Rite of Supremacy thing. Hence, my pinniped friend up there is getting straight to the pointing out of my main message for you all right now. For those who might not have been following along, we’re now in Phase 2 of a 3 phase, 5 week event that has both events for each week and for the entire event. Vyr wrote a nice summary of the current phase in this update which also points out the vent long comps as well. In case you’re not familiar with the system first used in the last Great Jedi War, all the events in RoS:M are organized into several “bins” containing, so far, 2 events each. To get full participation, you only have to do one event in each bin (though more can be done to count for placement). The bins are set up so that you should be able to do everything as there’s a variety of options in each so far.

While I encourage folks to do their best on every event and try to get as many placements as possible, the key here though is to do all the bins. Participation is especially important at the clan level, both in how we’re measured against the other clan and also for other rewards like those phat pile of credits that I can use to buy us cool new stuff. And use to play the galactic stock market. And buy a new yacht for Arden…wait, not that last one. The yacht isn’t in possessions…yet (Evant, get on that ;) ). If getting money for the clan isn’t enough, keep in mind you get a decent chunk of change for each event you submit to, even more than a normal event. Vendettas are also a rare time to get a lot of events done in a short time, so if you’re a newer member, this is a good time to rack up events for promotion requirements.

So when it comes to complicated things like fiction or graphics (which, I’ll note, are in the same bin this time), don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. I know how it is, you want to make that fiction entry perfect or obsess over getting everything perfect in your map of a fortress or something (that hexagon still ticks me off!) However, if you spend tons of time on one entry and don’t get in other things that could be done with less effort, it may not be worth it in the big picture. Get done what you can and get it in, don’t stress it not being perfect. Heck, I’ve personally even placed with fictions that were shorter and to the point. All that said, if you need help with ideas or proofreading or whatever else, bug me or Ronovi, we’ll help out. If you need a team for one of the group events, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. I know at least one person that need a team for Multimedia. He might like seals. Oh, and in the event this wasn’t clear from the outset, we’re not expecting anyone to post in our clan Run-on for the time being. While I have some plans for getting that wrapped up and on to other stories, that’s something for after the RoS. So go out, write some stuff, storm a space station, play some Hearthstone, do some puzzles. Most importantly, don’t forget to try to have a little fun while you’re doing it!

Closing Thoughts and Moment of Zen


As it turns out, tomorrow (or for the other side of the pond crowd today) is Halloween. Unlike our sealy friend here, I don’t really have a costume. Why? Because I don’t like getting dressed up for my birthday. Yes, I celebrate my orbit around the sun day on spooky pumpkin day. It’s kind of a weird thing, but one thing I did learn is that I didn’t need to go out on what was usually a crappy weather day to get sugar. I got cake! I’ll probably have extra again. It’ll be chocolate, but it probably won't be this cool cake

Keep it evil mes amis!


Mmm, that's some good reportin', Conseal.

Let's keep at it, Plagueis! All the bins for Phase II!


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