Plagueis Consul Report: 9/8/2020


Plagueis Consul Report: 9/8/2020


Hello, everyone, and welcome to the latest Dread Lord report. Today, I will be mostly going over Pro Bowl results and the final quarter of 2020 and what to expect, as well as initial plans for 2021. So strap in, Plagueis, and let's get started.


Pro Bowl Results

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Pro Bowl this year, which was a resounding success. In total, all three clans that participated pulled in 745 entries from their members. For Plagueis in particular, we made up 311 of those entries - over 40%! - with 15 unique participants outside the clan summit. That's awesome stuff.

I particularly want to highlight TuQ'uan Varick for participating in 100% of the Pro Bowl, with Furios Morega di Plagia, Andrelious J. Inahj, and Khryso Mallus not too far behind. The highest participating summit member was your very own Proconsul, Liandry Lhucci Cataa - nicely done.

Results were sent out, but it looks like a few errors did happen that are being ironed out. We appreciate everyone's patience as the organizers sort it.

Of course, because we like doing stuff, Liandry's got something else for y'all to have fun with.


Expanding Horizons

If any of you remember Mysteries of Aliso, Expanding Horizons is sort of a sequel to that - a brand new lore-based event that is running for two weeks, with five comps per week. You have an opportunity not only to add to Plagueis's lore, but also to choose a preferred faction out of four and just have some fun. I provided a link above so y'all can take a gander.

Your summit has been diligently adding even more to Aliso and Plagueis's foundation. Apparently, there may be a...Sith Academy in the works? Ciara, eat your heart out!


DB News

Here's your monthly deluge of latest news reports from the DC. Have at it.


New Faces and New Places

I wanted to take some time in this report to officially welcome Shimura Keibatsu, Dirg Bantius, and Liarah to Clan Plagueis. Shimura has already been working his tail off as Tyranus Quaestor, and we're super psyched to help our community grow.

That being said, we recently said goodbye to our very own Brimstone, who decided to transfer to Clan Vizsla after eight years of being a Plagueian. We wish him the very best and will probably see him still be super active in our clan chat. Also, Tahiri's the new Cheerleader of Dread.


Wrapping Up 2020

So, what's in store for Plagueis after Expanding Horizons? Weeeellllll...

The Return of Laren Uscot

Starting in October, we have a new enemy to tangle with! Or is it, perhaps, an old one? Laren is returning to Aliso, and he's ready to cause some havoc.

We plan for this to be a three week event, though the lore and comps themselves are still being developed. Let's just say that some Killiks may have some beef with our Valneikian Hive...

Mischief Night!

I believe our Opress leader, Aleister, is planning a sprint event (5-7 days) for November! Stay tuned!

Member-Run Competitions

We continue to strongly encourage all of you to run your own competitions for Plagueis or even DB-wide! You don't have to make a huge event, either - you can run one or two comps! Your summit is happy to help coorganize as needed.


We have some pretty cool stuff planned for 2021 - including, but not limited to, mayhaps a little something-something with Odan-Urr...?

Yep, the light and dark must clash again!



Tahiri asks:

In Ronovi's opinion, how are operations within the clan progressing?

Very smoothly. Having new blood on the summit is simply allowing Ronovi to further consolidate her power. And if she plans to expand what she deems a new modern Empire, she believes Plagueis is firmly on the right track.

What did Ronovi think the first time she saw Solan (my huge Akul) standing with Tahiri?

"...That's a lot of teeth."

Shimura asks:

IC, how does Ronovi feel about the former Sadowan, Shim?

Ronovi knows very well what Shim's machinations are without him having to tell her. She does view him as a threat, but not a threat she can't defeat easily. He'll be good to have around as Hand of Dread, so long as he gets the job done. ;)

To add on to [Tahiri's first] question. Any juicy tidbits you can throw us?

Phantom Assembly.

Force users included.

Do you ever eat ice cream for breakfast?

Hell, yes, I do. Häagen-Dazs dark chocolate ice cream bars all the way.

Pancakes or waffles? Dogs or cats? Possums or raccoons? Snakes or spiders?

Waffles, how dare you make me choose, raccoons, and snakes.

Does Ronovi have a pimp suit for her pimp canes (RS’s) ?

Not yet. Reg, send for the tailor!

Aleister asks:

When do we start burning things down? Specifically anything of the Jedi's.


Ronovi can change one thing in the Brotherhood. What does she change?

No more gray siders. Come at me. In my thesis, I will outline...

Marcus asks:

What would be Ronovi's job on Earth?

Ooh, that's a good one! I'd say she'd absolutely be a professional UFC fighter. Then, if an injury stopped her from being able to do matches, she'd be a jaded alcoholic who trains the next champion.

I mean, she's already a jaded alcoholic, but still.

Andrelious asks:

Why is 2020 so sh--?

Someone pissed off Cthulhu.

How do you check if Lady Gaga is still alive?

You catch her in a bad romance.

...Sorry, was that not the right answer? Let me try that again.

You let her take a ride on your disco stick. Frack!



Over the next month, you should anticipate some weekly fiction! I will be building up to the Laren event and working with the summit to come up with an official name for it.

Meanwhile, keep being awesome, Plagueis. I'll see you around.

Call it "The Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal"

Woooo!!! Awesome report Ronnie! Can't wait to see the upcoming events and lore.

still good report. Thx for sediments, I am always still around for a punching bag.

Also, congrats to Tahiri, the new Cheerleader of Dread.

tosses away pompoms

Really excited for the rest of 2020 with what's planned.

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