Plagueis PCON Report - November


Plagueis PCON Report - November


When the Dread Lord's Away...

Excerpt From the Wrath's Journal

I've been hearing things.

Of course, that's part of the job, keeping one eye open and an ear to the ground. It's also a wise thing to do around Sith in general. Everyone with their own plots, machinations, and such. One must always be ready for betrayal and, in some occasions, do the betraying. I’ve done that once myself, at least from a certain perspective. That still boils down to one question.

Why did I come here?

It's a question I still hear from many despite all I've done and one I still ask myself. Those who need an answer have one, those who don't will never get one. Truth is I still am not sure I made the right decision. At the time it was, the Brotherhood was decimating the One Sith. At some point I'd have to either serve or die and the sooner I came to that conclusion, the better it was for me. It made sense in the long game, but that was a different game. It's changing now, loyalties are being strained, long held plots bubbling to the surface. Some distant, some near, but all dangerous. Unity, it seems, is something that the Brotherhood is allergic to. Every time they manage it, it slinks away at the first opportunity.

What I've been hearing involves the Dread Lord himself. While he's out plumbing the depths of the Anchorage for whatever hidden ancient secrets are down there, I've taken the opportunity to sate my curiosity. Despite the number of times I've told him to do so, he never bothered to upgrade the security around his personal files. Not like I couldn't have sliced it anyway, but it would be nice to work for it once in awhile. I'm still sorting through them, but I'm finding my concerns were not unfounded. Vivrackus is up to something, I just don't know what.

Perhaps the Anchorage will claim him and I won't have to find out? No, and I'm not sure that's even what's best. For now it's best to watch his schemes play out. It could create an opportunity.

Anchorage Aweigh

As you all probably know, there's a bit less than 24 hours left in the first phase of our clan feud. So far, the competition's been fierce and it should only get more intense down the road. We'll be taking some time between rounds for some holiday thing where people eat turkey and then fight to the death over cheap TVs, but rest assured, Teylas and I will be cooking up something fun. And perhaps pie. This event is a good chance to flex your creative muscles and get in shape for bigger things coming down the road. It's also a good chance to learn about our still mysterious base of operations.

War is Coming

I'm not going to rehash all the stuff that was said as a result of our less than stellar performance in the last round of Fading Light. Rest assured though that I will do my utmost to make sure there's not a repeat of that in the upcoming Great Jedi War. From everything I've heard, it should be an extremely interesting story. In preparation though I am still looking for folks that might be interested in honing their writing skills generally and their run-on skills in particular. This would be especially helpful for our recent class of dedicated Journeymen as Run-ons might be a bit different from the sort of writing you've done before.

War is Crying Out - Musical Interlude and MoZ

No one's ever asked me how I come up with my musical interludes, but I'm going to tell you anyway. While I usually just end up picking something cool I heard on the radio or, lately, from whatever video game I'm wasting time on, that's not usually my goal. My goal is to find something that is somewhat relevant to what's going on in the Brotherhood. As it so happens, this month it's actually kind of both. I was first exposed to this song in the launch trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition (which totally needs to be a gaming platform). It also happens to be quite appropriate given where things are headed around here. I hope you're prepared, because we're going Into the Darkness and we all must fight.

Our Moment of Zen for the month is something I also think will be quite relevant given current events. Apparently these tasty turkeys have been training for this Thanksgiving for years.

Signing off, from the bugcave.


Hmmmm, the bug plots against the dread.........

Nice and short report

What the.... But I use a password and everything.

Have to install the patch Viv. You know our ships all run Windows :).

What happens if you blue screen part way through the jump to light speed?

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