Plagueis PCON Report - September


Plagueis PCON Report - September


Fading Light is Fading

Welcome to my first report as PCON of Plagueis. Normally I'd be using this report to talk about stuff that's gone on in the past month. Since we're in the thick of an event though, I'm not quite sure that's the right approach for this. Long story short, while I'm happy with the participation I've seen so far, I know for a fact we can do better. I get it, a lot of you have stuff to do. Some of you might not think you have a chance to win anything. I took time out of my Civilization:Beyond Earth playing to both write this report and my fiction. I know I don't stand much hope at winning in graphics. However, I'm going to do all five and you all should too. Here's a couple quick thoughts on the individual events.

Trivia: Yeah, it's hard. Really hard. However I also look at it as a good way to learn how to locate information on the DJB site. Just get through it and do your best.

Puzzle: Also one of the more challenging ones of these I've seen in awhile, but again, just give it your best shot and don't over think it.

Gaming: Trust me folks, there's always someone in #dbgaming looking for a game. Pazaak is easy and can be done from a number of devices. If you can't get into IRC for whatever reason, let me know and we'll figure out a way. We've found creative ways to get people into #dbgaming , we'll be happy to work with you.

Graphics: It doesn't have to be good to count. Really, it doesn't. Put some effort into it, make it look like what the prompt is asking for, and do it. And best thing is no one other than the judges need see your scribbles!

Fiction: Yeah, this one has a longer word limit than some past comps, but it's actually rather fun to write. And I for one am willing to help anyone who needs a hand, be it getting an idea in your head or proofing stuff before it gets sent in. And a thousand words isn't really THAT much.

Before I forget, we have a Google Form we're using to track who's doing what. If you haven't done so, click on over and tell us what things you've done. Only one has done All The Things (and told us) so far. So be like Brimstone and do All The Things (tm).
Seven days and change folks, go get it done!

Rising Stars

I wanted to drop one more quick shout out to some of our new folks that have been hitting it out of the part of late. Both Kul'tak and Kelly Mendes had taken some time in the rogues, but have both come back and have whipped up a storm of late. Misium is also a recent arrival and has started off with a bang, even earning a Dark Cross and Scroll of Foundation already! All three are examples for what journeymen should be. Give it up for them as we'll be knighting them in no time at all.

Moment of Zen And Musical Interlude

As you might recall, I decided to give you all a chance to come up with the MoZ for this month. Interesting note, all but one of the submissions were cat videos. Not that I mind of course, I'm a denizen of the internet, ergo I must like the kitteh. I just found it interesting. The winner is an old classic that just seemed to fit the fact that we're the super evil clan. Thus, I grant the win to Taranrae and Whack a Kitty!

As you might recall from a past musical interlude, I've got a thing for the music in video games. I've been to five concerts of the stuff and own several game soundtracks, some that I like far better than the game cough*Command & Conquer 4*cough. I also mentioned before that I've been fighting to get stuff done when not dealing with massive space turtle things in Civilization: Beyond Earth which dropped this week. Therefore, it seems appropriate that this month's interlude should be off the game's soundtrack. Thus, I give you all Xenomalleum

Release the Kracken!


Great report, Kz'set! Glad I could help with the moment of Zen lol

Smexy report, Kz'set.

And Tara, if you hadn't I'd be one step closer to JH lol. My own master works against me. exaggerated falling over

Taranae considers being sorry for a fraction of a second, grins and shakes her head at Kul.

An inadequacy in my training you, Kul. Note to self : must put Kul through tougher training regime....

Looks at both taranae and Kul'tak and smirks

I apparently didn't train you harder, my apprentice. Next one won't be so lucky.

Nice report, Bug

You can only expect so much training from someone who needs a cane to get around, eh Gramps?

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