Plagueis Update #1: War Game and sundries


Plagueis Update #1: War Game and sundries

Just a few updates to get out of the way, but first War Game results!

Wargaming Results


The Wargaming event is complete, and it was a nice little event that drew out some excellent competition. We saw a number of people placing across the various events, with no one member absolutely dominating across the board.

Week One Events

Puzzle Flash Gaming Word Search Gaming Fiction
1. Oric Ral 1. Ronovi Tavisaen 1. Silent 1. Kelly Mendes 1. Ronovi Tavisaen
2. Azmodius 2. Oric Ral 2. Teylas Ramar 2. Azmodius 2. Tra'an Reith
3. Vanessa Rhode 3. Obsidian 3. Furios Morega 3. Teylas Ramar 3. TuQ'uan Varick

Week Two Events

Gaming Jedi Hunt Flash Gaming Graphics Fiction
1. Kelly Mendes 1. Tra'an Reith 1. Silent 1. Furios Morega 1. Ronovi Tavisaen
2. Teylas Ramar 2. Kelly Mendes 2. Taranae Rhode 2. Azmodius 2. TuQ'uan Varick
3. Silent 3. Ronovi Tavisaen 3. Azmodius 3. SIlent 3. Kelly Mendes

Overall Results


We saw a good number of entries, especially given that we only had five events each week (unlike our normal 7-8 events). Congrats go out to Kelly, Furios, and Azmodius on their hard fought victory, especially with that one point allowing Furios to edge out his competitor and claim second place. A decent number of participants and a good number of entries, especially for a low key event that was running during the ACC portion of the Great Jedi War prelims. Which is a nice way to segway to my next point...

Great Jedi War Delay

For those that haven't read it yet, I'd highly recommend giving Pravus's recent report a read. Amongst many other salient points and plans, the news has reached us that the Great Jedi War originally scheduled to kick off in less than two weeks has been delayed. Pravus and his Dark Council have decided to delay and present the Brotherhood with a product that is everything it can be, as opposed to a sub par product now. In the interim, however, we'll be looking for something else to keep us busy of course. It is likely that we will be exploring competitive options with other Clans, or running another large scale event internally. So, keep your eyes open for further updates, same Sith time, same Sith channel!

Staffing Changes

Malice, Aedile of House Karness Muur, recently let me know that she was going to be stepping down due to real life time and availability constraints. As always around here, real life comes first! As such, I've decided to move an old face into the vacant position, everyone's favorite Mercenary, Laren Uscot. Additionally, in my quest to brainwash welcome new members to the summit, I've asked TuQ'uan Varick to take over for Laren as Battleteam Leader of The Circle. As you should see from how many times his name pops up in the results for the War Game event, TuQ'uan is one of the bright, ascending stars of our Clan. Everyone give him a hearty welcome to his new job!


Thank you so much for this opportunity! I'm really looking forward to taking on some more responsibility in this position, though I do have some rather large shoes to fill!

Awesome job to our winners. Some really great competition this event. It was basically a five way tie after week 1, it was anyones game. Good luck to TuQ'uan and Laren, we believe in you. Thank-you Malice for your second tour as Aedile.

War Games was a lot of fun; a HUGE thanks to everybody who created some very engaging competitions. Congratulations to, both, Karen and TuQ'uan on their promotions... I'm very happy for you both. :D

Well done to Kelly, Furios, and Azmodius! Always good to see such strong competitors in the clan. Laren, welcome back to TuQ'uan, I remember my first gig as a BTL in Tarentum. You'll do awesomely!

It's like I never left. Oh, wait...

Congrats to all the participants of the latest event!

I'll go around telling the soldiers it was just a prank, but to be ready for a real war soon.

This just gives us more time to prepare. Make sure you all get into the habit of participating in EVERY comp of EVERY event. I know that's specifically my job, but it's in each of your own best interests to follow suit. Pretty sure that's why I do it, to lead by example. How can I ask you all to do what I won't?

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