Policy Update: Possessions Salary Policy


Policy Update: Possessions Salary Policy

Noobis Regent

Merit Medal Credits

I'll get right to the point: XP has changed how the Brotherhood works, almost entirely for the better. Once XP was implemented, we began examining award credit values, and how XP has affected them with medal awarding and standardization across the board. We discussed these at length, and to ensure that summits are incentivized to award higher medals than just DCs all the time (which had a way higher credit value per XP point compared to other merit medals, we've collectively made some adjustments to the values of merit medal credits.

Credit Chart

As you can see, the Dark Cross and Anteian Cross have seen their values reduced slightly (150 and 100 credit, respectively) but the Steel Cross and Grand Cross have seen increases (50 credits, 800 credits). While they still offer a higher credit per XP ratio, they have been tweaked in a way that also brings them closer to our sacramental medals.

Credits for sacramentals are not changing. This change is not retroactive, and only applies to medals going forward.

Envoy Credits

As detailed by Wally in his recent Exarch Report (you should go read it), the Envoy Corps is also getting its own slew of credits.

Envoy Credits

Each level in each trophy grants its own credits, equal to but not exceeding the total amount of credits you get from one of our four main societies (Inquisitorius, Aurora Collegium of Sciences (SA), Grand Master's Royal Guard, Shroud Syndicate). This is because these four main societies are considered our main pillars of activity, and serve as the benchmark as a result. Credits for supplementary societies can be split up however the associated Society Leader wants for rank rewards, but will never exceed the rank credits you can get from one of the main societies.

You can find updates to Medal Credits and Society Credits on the Possessions Salary Policy page.


This is a good change.

I like pie



Sounds awesome!

Money money money

cash mula!

Woohoo! wonder if RGT isn't becoming too much like banking though. Would this be adjusting for inflation? Or am I thinking of something else entirely? Do we have a banker in the club who can explain?


@Ood the issue was that credit-wise DC gave out more credits per XP point than other Merit medals. If all you wanted was credits it was better to award DC every time a member hit 200XP than going for the higher merit medals.

The reduction in DC value is sort of like fighting inflation, though :P They're much easier to earn now than they used to be, but even though we've reduced the value of each future DC the total volume of DCs awarded is likely to more than make up for the difference.

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